Rextroy: Adventure Under the Dragon Isles

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Rextroy is back with another bug in WoW Dragonflight. He has discovered a hidden passage glitch that leads straight under the world. With the help of his friends, Panic, Hansson, and Voxygen, they ventured into the new mysterious world stretched before them.

The glitch was found by Kaarani when she was out gathering herbs. Receiving her report, Rextroy set out to investigate the location. During their journey, constant disconnections posed a great enemy, as it always has been. Sometimes they encountered hostile forces from the game. But just like them, these enemies were stuck in this limbo of a respawn place.

They tried pushing further into the Dragon Isles after discovering a mysterious egg. But in the end, they surrendered because the disconnection field had become too much to handle.

You can watch his wild journey below.

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