Plunderstorm’s Res Time Reduced, Players Can Hide Forever

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With Plunderstorm’s res time reduced, many players can now hide forever in the storm without facing the final battle.

Plunderstorm Res Time Reduced, Players Can Hide Forever

Key Takeaways

  • Plunderstorm’s res time reduced from 15 to 10 seconds, enabling prolonged matches and stalemate tactics.
  • Players exploit reduced revival time and healing cooldowns to hide indefinitely in the storm, leading to more matches trapped in stalemates.
  • The WoW community expresses frustration and urges prompt hotfix before the Creator Royale Tournament on March 30.

Yesterday, Blizzard released a hotfix to speed up the resurrection time for Duo partners, cutting it to 10 seconds from the prior 15 seconds. They also lowered the cooldown for healing after a resurrection. These changes, combined with Storm Winds‘ steady damage of 12% to a player’s health every 3 seconds and the storm never closing completely, have prompted certain players to adopt frustrating tactics. They stay hidden in the storm and revive their Duo indefinitely until their opponents grow weary of the deadlock and surrender.

According to the WoW community, this tactic was employed even before the hotfix. It demanded greater precision and coordination. However, with the resurrection time now reduced to just 10 seconds and the healing cooldown shortened, this strategy has become more feasible than ever before. Consequently, the number of Plunderstorm matches trapped in a stalemate is on the rise.

The current situation is undoubtedly frustrating. And it’s even more crucial to implement a hotfix promptly to address this issue as the Creator Royale Tournament is about to take place on March 30. With a prize pool of $50,000 at stake, ensuring that such problematic end-game issues are not encountered during the tournament is essential.

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