Player Found Cloak of Infinite Potential’s Cap in MoP Remix

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The Cloak of Infinite Potential’s cap has been discovered. As it turns out, even infinite has its limits!

Player Found Cloak of Infinite Potential's Cap in MoP Remix

Key Takeaways:

  • A WoW player, Maleficent-Till6391, found that the Cloak of Infinite Potential is capped at 200,000 Stamina, contradicting Blizzard’s claim that it is uncapped.
  • The WoW community has sarcastically renamed the item the “Cloak of Not-So-Infinite Potential” or “Cloak of Finite Potential” due to the imposed limit.
  • The 200,000 cap’s deliberate imposition suggests that Blizzard intentionally programmed this limit, which contradicts their public statements about the cloak’s limitless potential.
  • Some players defend Blizzard, suggesting the cap prevents excessively high numbers that could strain game servers.

Despite Blizzard’s stating that the Cloak of Infinite Potential is uncapped, Redditor Maleficent-Till6391 has discovered otherwise. The player reported that after reaching 200,000 Stamina and using the Infinite Thread of Stamina, there wasn’t any change in their stat numbers. Their Stamina did not increase further. This contradicts Blizzard’s claim that the cloak is fully uncapped during an interview with SoulSoBreezy:

The WoW community now dubs said item the Cloak of Not-So-Infinite Potential or the Cloak of Finite Potential. Players are not at all thrilled with how Blizzard chose to advertise this item. Just as its name suggests, the cloak theoretically has limitless potential. So, as pointed out by Maleficent-Till6391, the cloak is supposed to be constrained only by the 64-bit signed integer limit, which is 9,223,372,036,854,775,807.

There’s no inherent programming restriction preventing it from surpassing 200,000. The fact that the cloak is capped at 200,000 suggests that developers intentionally programmed a limit into the code. This deliberate choice contradicts Blizzard’s assertion that the cloak’s potential is bound only by programming limits.

However, some come to Blizzard’s defense, suggesting that the developers likely didn’t anticipate players reaching the 200,000 mark within 95 days. They point out that the 200,000 cap helps prevent the numbers from becoming excessively high. This isn’t solely for the sake of game balance or difficulty, but also to alleviate strain on the game servers. Each attack and calculation adds to the server’s workload. So, allowing for an unlimited or near-unlimited cap, like the 64-bit limit, could overload servers, leading to lag and crashes, especially during high-stress moments like raids.

What about you? What do you think about the “Cloak of Finite Potential?” Let us know in the comments!

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As a programmer, the server-strain explanation is bogus. In calcuating with a 64-bit number, there is no difference in whether the number is the minimum or maximum, its all equally fast. There are things that can have an effect, ie. if a higher crit-value leads to more procs, but health specifically has no effect in that regard.