WoW Player Accidentally Got Dragonflight Season 4 Loot

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A WoW player accidentally got Dragonflight Season 4 loot even though the season has yet to have an official release date.

WoW Player Accidentally Got Dragonflight Season 4 Loot

Key Takeaways

  • Redditor GilfLover_69 accidentally got Dragonflight Season 4 loot: the Dreadful Synchronous Timestrand.
  • WoW developers might have unintentionally added said item to the game ahead of time.
  • GilfLover_69 has reported the bug to Blizzard.

An intriguing incident has emerged on Reddit recently, courtesy of user GilfLover_69. It centers around the player’s surprising acquisition of an item that wasn’t supposed to be available in the game yet. Apparently, after defeating Smolderon in the Amirdrassil raid, GilfLover_69 left without claiming any loot. However, they later received a puzzling surprise in their in-game mail. The postmaster had sent them a package containing the mysterious Dreadful Synchronous Timestrand:

At first, GilfLover_69 believed they had stumbled upon a super rare treasure. Yet, subsequent discussions among Redditors revealed that this item was slated for release in the forthcoming Season 4 Awakened Raid Finder. But how exactly the Dreadful Synchronous Timestrand found its way to GilfLover_69’s inventory remained a mystery.

Speculation was rife that the developers may have accidentally introduced Season 4 loot into the game. And so, GilfLover_69 swiftly took action by submitting a bug report to notify the developers.

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