New Raid Difficulty: Story Mode in The War Within

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Mythic, Heroic, Normal, LFR, and now, there’s a brand new Story mode in The War Within for the Nerub’ar raid.

New Raid Difficulty: Story Mode in The War Within

Unlike any other raid or dungeon before, the first raid of WoW’s 10th expansion, Nerub’ar Palace, now introduces five difficulty tiers:

What Is Story Mode in The War Within?

The Story mode in The War Within is a new raid difficulty in the upcoming expansion. It’s created as a one-time narrative chapter. However, that doesn’t mean players can only experience it once. For those desiring to relive the tale, it always remains accessible for replay.

Similar to LFR, the Story mode is designed to let more players explore raid content and stories. However, while LFR still requires players to form raid parties, the new Story mode removes this barrier. It opens up the door for more players to engage with raid content without the necessity of forming large groups. Tailored for private parties of one to five players, this difficulty level lets players confront Queen Ansurek without relying on the assistance of other players or Followers.

Blizzard plans to release Story mode alongside the final wing of LFR difficulty for players who have reached the appropriate point in The War Within questing experience. Details regarding loot drops and scaling are still under wraps. So, we will have to wait and see what the rewards for running this difficulty will be.

We can’t wait to hear your opinions on the new Story mode for Nerub’ar Palace. So make sure to leave a piece of your thoughts in the comments!

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