Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic Plus Affixes Tier List

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From S to D, from the most lethal to the most manageable, welcome to your ultimate Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic Plus affixes tier list!

Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic Plus Affixes Tier List

Key Takeaways

  • Season 3 of Mythic+ in World of Warcraft did not introduce any new affixes, and the effects of existing ones remain unchanged.
  • The Mythic Plus affixes Tier List is structured around the danger posed by each affix, evaluating their potential to significantly slow down M+ runs.
  • S-tier affixes (Bolstering, Sanguine, Spiteful) are the most dangerous.
  • A-tier affixes (Bursting, Incorporeal, Afflicted) are slightly less dangerous but require careful management.
  • B-tier and C-tier affixes (Volcanic, Storming, Tyrannical, Raging, Fortified, Entangling) may pose some challenges, but they are generally perceived as less threatening than those in higher tiers.

The new Mythic+ Season has just started, and players are flocking to farm Dragonflight dungeon Dawn of the Infinites and the updated dungeons of previous expansions. As usual, the affixes are here to inject a thrilling dose of challenging excitement to both new and old instances. In this article, we have crafted a Mythic Plus affixes tier list for Dragonflight Season 3 to aid you in your adventure.

M+ Affixes Season 3

Seasonal Changes

Season 3 didn’t add new Affixes to WoW. The effects of the old ones also remain unchanged. Players once again encounter Fortified, Tyrannical, Afflicted, Bolstering, Incorporeal, Sanguine, Entangling Bursting, Volcanic, Spiteful, Storming, and Raging.

The basics of M+ affix rotation didn’t change either. As can be seen from the table, Afflicted, Incorporeal, Entangling, Storming, and Volcanic still start appearing at Keystone level 7. Bolstering, Bursting, Raging, Sanguine, Spiteful — at 14 level. Fortified and Tyrannical affect instances since level 2. Only the weekly combinations of affixes are different in the new Season. If some of them seem too threatening, leaving you exhausted with their complex mechanics, you can always count on WowVendors Dragonflight Keystone Hero Mythic Boost to have your back.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the criteria upon which we based the creation of this tier list.

Tier List Criteria

Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic Plus Affixes Tier List

The main criterion for the current Tier List is the danger caused by Affixes. By danger, we mean their potential to significantly slow down your M+ run. For example, sometimes their effects make you suddenly cast necessary mass stuns or dispels needed for the next pull. Their usually long cooldowns will require you to tread more cautiously, resulting in the loss of precious seconds.

The most dangerous effects are placed in Section S. They compel increased movement and optimal distribution of crowd control effects. Otherwise, there’s a high risk of aggroing too many additional enemies and wiping among the effects triggered by Affixes. And to be frank, in the case of section S, that chance remains despite your party’s caution.

Section A contains slightly less dangerous M+ Affixes. They can be dealt with by pressing a few buttons. However, a lesser danger is not a reason to relax. This section requires even more concentration in terms of the timely cast of certain spells. Otherwise, the consequences may be deadlier than in the case of Section S.

Sections B, C, and D are about less irritating and complicated modifiers. Some of them pose a serious threat only in particular Affix combinations. Some are easily avoidable but slow you down in certain circumstances. And some are just unpleasant buffs for bosses or non-boss enemies.

However, it’s crucial to remember that any section’s Affixes may make you take extra actions. For example, changing a few talents to get more helpful defensive or CC skills may provide help in many cases. That’s because in M+, you always deal with weird combinations of different affixes or with the mechanics of various encounters.  You should especially pay close attention to updated encounters of the past. In unfamiliar circumstances, the least harmful Affix may start a chain of events leading to a party wipe.

Mythic Plus Affixes Tier List

Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic Plus Affixes Tier List

S-Tier Affixes


Bolstering Affix causes the death of any enemy to trigger an infinitely stacking damage buff to all its nearby allies. It can be called the most dangerous Mythic affix in WOW by the standards of section S. It didn’t become less threatening even after the nerf in patch 10.1. (Before the nerf, it also increased HP.) 

Bolstering can’t be dispelled and lasts twenty seconds. Thus, even the smallest trash pack is guaranteed to receive several effect stacks during the battle. Sometimes, this becomes another reason to pull more enemies at a time and try to deal with them simultaneously using AOE. 

However, more often than not, it makes you change your target priority. For instance, you want to focus on a particularly deadly enemy in the pulled pack. But its death will trigger one more stack for the rest of the enemies and make them more powerful. Similar dilemmas will occur from time to time. So, with Bolstering in action, your party will need to constantly think over the pull strategy and target priority during combat. That takes a lot of time and effort.


Sanguine is in the S section for similar reasons. When a non-boss  enemy dies, it leaves a puddle. It damages you painfully and actively heals nearby enemies. Besides, the effects of different Sanguine pools stack. You need to avoid these puddles and remove the mobs from them. The risk of suddenly having a pack of trash healed to full health is horrifying.

Knockback spells like Typhoon or valuable cooldowns like Gorefiend’s Grasp will be helpful here. However, such spells increase the risk of aggroing additional mobs. They, in turn, may trigger more puddles and heal the remaining enemies. And the M+ timer is ticking.


With Spiteful in Mythic Plus Affix rotation, the corpses of non-boss enemies periodically produce Spiteful Shade mobs. These fiends rise and pursue random players except for Tanks. They can quickly take the lives of your allies at both lower and higher keystone levels. 

Shades may cause problems for both melee and ranged characters. In some encounters, distant players may be less protected. For example, in the third week of the Season, Spiteful will be in combination with Volcanic. Due to its effect, ranged characters will be forced to move more often and risk running into Shades

Luckily, control effects work on these mobs. In addition, after more than 12 seconds, their HP will expire because of the All-Consuming Spite debuff. But there are all the reasons to speed up that process.

A-Tier Affixes


Bursting Affix makes non boss enemies’ bodies explode. Explosions apply stacking DoT to you and nearby allies. Multiple-effect stacks can cause very nasty damage. Fortunately, it does not depend on the player’s maximum health. Also, the DoT can be easily dispelled. 

The most popular strategy is to gain as many stacks as possible and get rid of them with a Mass Dispel. However, not every party has a Priest. But a difficult M+ run can make you use such CDs in other cases. Besides, in the eighth week, this explosive Affix will come with Storming. Some party members may be knockbacked at the wrong time, resulting in unpleasant scenarios.


Two Incorporeal Beings periodically spawn in the weeks with the eponymous Incorporeal Affix. Their Destabilize cast is very dangerous because it greatly reduces your healing and damage. Incorporeal Beings are immune to damage but disappear after 20 seconds. 

You must use crowd control spells on them to interrupt Destabilize. However, the mass ones won’t work, and there are many exclusions. Here is a useful link to a list of these spells on Reddit.


Afflicted is another one of the Mythic affixes summoning additional mobs. Afflicted Souls periodically spawn and cast the Afflicted Cry. This ability destroys the Haste of your party for  10 seconds.

But the key problem is that these mobs are not hostile. Using direct healing spells on Afflicted Souls makes them disappear. This makes them another burden for an already busy Healer. 

Another option is to dispel one of the debuffs the Afflicted Souls have. You can also run far away or hide behind an obstacle. But in the last case, there is a risk of aggroing nearby trash. You’d prefer not to do it in the tenth week of the current Season. In it, Afflicted will be in combination with Bolstering Affix.  

B-Tier Affixes


Volcanic and Storming Mythic+ affixes are often compared. Both damage and knock-back players. But Volcanic is cast only on distanced players. Storming, in turn, usually creates more problems in melee.

However, this season Volcanic will be in rotation with Spiteful and then with Sanguine. In such combinations, it can be much more dangerous. You’ll have to carefully move among the puddles to avoid damage and knock-back. Tanks will have to keep enemies away from healing pools and not get in Volcanic ones on the way.


Storming Affix makes your non-boss enemies summon damaging whirlwinds. These whirlwinds have a knockback effect. Mainly, they’re a threat to melee players. However, in narrow locations like corridors, they may become a problem for distant players, too. Getting stuck among many whirlwinds can easily lead to a wipe. Mass stuns can properly save from this Affix. During any stuns, your non-boss enemy doesn’t trigger the Storming effect.


In the weeks with Tyrannical level 2+ keystone affix, bosses will have more HP. Their and their minions’ damage will also be increased. Such weeks can require major reconfigurations of your team’s builds and overall group composition. The effect can make several bosses much more difficult. Fortunately, nothing is impossible to overcome with WowVendor’s Dragonflight Mythic Boost:

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C-Tier Affixes


Being one of the simplest WoW mythic keystone modifiers, Raging stands in the C-tier of our Mythic plus affixes tier list. It makes non-boss enemies with 30% HP immune to crowd control effects. Without a menacing combination, this effect won’t cause significant problems. But Raging may cause issues in combination with Storming in the fourth week of Season 3. You’ll mainly deal with the Storming effect using stuns. Raging will prevent you from doing so  in the most unpleasant moments. However, this Affix can be negated using Enrage Dispel abilities.


Another 2+ level keystone affix is Fortified. It increases non-boss enemies’ damage and HP. Once again, it’s an unpleasant buff that’s easy to prepare for. However, in the fifth week, it’ll come with Bolstering. Fortified can partly compensate for the nerf Bolstering had in 10.1. Deadly non-boss enemies with increased HP are a threat to take into account.

D-Tier Affix


Entangling is the most harmless periodic affix in the current Mythic plus rotation. Entangling vines periodically appear and try to snare players. For the first 8 seconds, you and your nearby allies will be slightly slowed down. You risk being stunned only after standing still in the Entangling area. Besides, this season, Entangling does not combine with Affixes that greatly restrict your movement. Thus, its effect is the easiest to avoid.


This concludes our Mythic plus affixes tier list. We hope that it has been able to assist you on your journey to greatness. Be sure to come up with alternatives based on your own game experience! Also, don’t forget about Dragonflight Keystone Master Mythic Boost. It’s a great and secure way to facilitate the Season 3 Mythic+ farming without having to spend weeks after weeks crawling in the dungeons.

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