Must-Have Addons for Dragonflight

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The changes brought to WoW by the release of the new expansion have made some players believe that many addons became much less valuable. This belief is firm in the case of the UI mods, as here the game made a serious step forward. This text will state what addons a player will still need in Dragonflight and why.

Weak Auras

You’ll hardly find a guide without Weak Auras at the top of the list. This one has long helped to organize the information on your screen. And to enrich it with a new one that would make you aware of all the necessary cooldowns, durations of the buffs and debuffs, etc. All the UI changes brought by Dragonflight to the game still can’t surpass the effectiveness of this addon. Especially when it comes to the ability to create announcements and alerts.

The last feature can also affect the whole party or a raid. With Weak Auras, you can set announcements for different group members depending on the specifics of the current encounter. So that a second Tank knows when and where to kite certain mobs; a Healer — what debuff to dispel at the highest priority; and Damage-Dealer — when to jump on a platform and deal with the mob who buffs the boss. Those alerts can be made even more visible with visual effects.

As everything else in the mod, with which you can adjust the visuals and textures of every needed progress and information panel. And this is still not all. It can also be placed at the top of WoW item level calculator addons. Because with Weak Auras, you can also make sure whether the gear you wear suits the current fight.

Weak Aura: Dragonriding UI

Last but not least, the Weak Auras now have the aura for the Dragonriding feature. It may become one of the must-have Dragonflight addons for some players, as it changes the Dragonriding interface. And makes it much easier to monitor your dragon’s acceleration, vigor, and cooldowns.


Although many WoW mods measure damage, more and more players prefer to use the Details! in recent years. Possible reason for such a choice is this mod being less demanding towards memory. One of its main functions is to measure DPS, HPS, and all the other possible combat details in real time. How many deaths and resurrections has each player suffered? How many dispels were cast by the party members, and how effective were those dispels? How much damage did they get, and from which sources? How good is the gear of your teammates, and whether they support the durations of necessary class and potion buffs?

So much data can become either a good incentive to boost the productivity of each party member or the reason for fierce discussions. Due to the undeniable benefit provided by such data, any high-quality damage tracker becomes a must-have WoW addon. But the Details! is an excellent example not only because of the main functions it serves. Another advantage is, for instance, the ability to create a couple of information boxes. Thus, you can trace DPS, HPS, and the received damage at once without the need to infinitely switch between tabs. Finally, the mod is compatible with the Weak Auras.

Angry Keystones

Mythic+ dungeons will open their doors with the start of the first Dragonflight season. The date is December 13, and on that day, the Angry Keystones mod may once again demonstrate its great importance.

Since the very introduction, players have fallen in love with this mod and tend to include it at the top of WoW addons. The main reason was the simplified version of the Mythic+ timer. The secondary Bonus timer has also become a pleasant feature, indicating a time left to get Bonus chests.

Besides, the Angry Keystones will also show you all the necessary information about the progress of your run. For instance, the percentage received for beating these or those mobs. Or the number of enemies left to be dealt with. The addon provides enough data to work on the most efficient ways of pulling the required number of mobs.

And there’s no need to describe how helpful such features as Key Linking may be. This one will make you see all the Keystone links in the chat more conveniently: not just [Mythic Keystone], but the [Keystone: *Dungeon’s Name* — Level X]. This will significantly simplify the LFG process.


Different addons are named companion ones in WoW. Some say that companion mod is the one helping in gathering pets and fighting in pet battles. Some refer to the Companion systems in Shadowlands, BfA, and a few earlier expansions. And sometimes, a companion addon is just the one tracking the progress of your characters and with which your progress can be checked by potential teammates.

Dragonflight still has some elements of the companion system in the sense that it was in Shadowlands. For instance, the Marruk Centaur faction companion will follow you during the Grand Hunt event. But the “companion” possibility provided by the Raider.IO mod is also essential. This one is used to gain access to the huge database of the eponymous resource without leaving a game.

The resource contains character rankings, judging by which you may find members to complete your Raid or Mythic+ group. And gaining access to all that information is a very simple procedure. For instance, after just pointing at a character with your mouse, you’ll see the character’s Raider.IO M+ score and Raid progress. Some details will be included in both sections, like the information on the character’s best M+ run.

Handynotes: Dragonflight

The Handynotes has become an especially popular WoW addon in Warlords of Draenor. A time when searching for various chests, treasures, and collectibles became an even more significant part of gameplay than ever before. As well as the farm of the rare mobs and battle pets. Handynotes display all this on your map with lots of essential additional data usually retrieved from guides and external resources. For instance, every chest will be accompanied by information on the rewards that can be found in it and the achievement it’s connected with.

Dragonflight adds value to one of the best WoW addons because such treasures and rare mobs can contain Dragonriding Glyphs. But that fact can actually make someone doubt whether they want to use the Handynotes. Some players have always doubted it, as it deprives the in-game discovery of the excitement it may bring when you don’t expect to make it. Making collecting Glyphs used to customize your dragon too flat and rushed may result in the primitivization of the Dragonriding, one of the most essential features of the new expansion. But it depends on the goals you’ve set before yourself in the game.


Before the Dragonflight updates of UI, Plater could have easily gotten in every pack of the best WoW addons. Interestingly, the situation has stayed almost the same, as the Plater is still too good to do without it. Plater Nameplates is the full official name of the mod, the main goal of which is to change the original nameplates. And to change them in different ways, both in terms of visuals and functionality.

For example, with Plater, you may turn on the display of buffs and debuffs above the name of your enemy. If this function seems to be too familiar — what about turning on the alert of the target’s threat? Or the alert of the threat of each target in a large crowd of mobs? Their frames can be coloured differently depending on the level of your threat towards them.

Just add the bar that will show the spell the enemy is casting, and you can feel confident against an entire army. But in fact, the Plater being one of the best WoW mods may be proved with a single fact: a list of extended nameplates settings has about a hundred points.


These were the must-have Dragonflight mods, but there’s no reason to forget about many other important ones. The Bartender is still a crucial WoW action bar addon and remains relevant despite all the official UI improvements. Deadly Boss Mods is too beneficial despite all the convenience brought to your PVE experience by the Weak Aura. And the Details! still has a competitive alternative in the Recount. And these are only the mods that will help in farm and heroic battles — but what about the ones that improve the player’s immersion? Finally, some WoW players often search for an addon to help them in levelling. Unfortunately, the famous Azeroth Auto Pilot is not upgraded for the Dragonflight yet (and maybe won’t be upgraded at all). But luckily, most of the listed mods greatly serve the levelling purpose too.

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