Most Memorable Dragons That Have Been Defeated in World of Warcraft

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As Dragonflight has been released, it’s worth taking a look at the most memorable dragons that have been defeated in World of Warcraft’s long tapestry of time. After all, they are the main focus of this new expansion. And to add, the official Twitter account of World of Warcraft recently created a poll for players to vote for the most remarkable dragon in their opinions.

Keep reading if you are curious to know who they are or just want to refresh your memory, as well as to glance at the other most influential dragons in WoW’s history.



Onyxia was Deathwing’s daughter. She possesses many human guises. Under the name of noblewoman Lady Katrana Prestor, she almost succeeded in taking over Stormwind.

However, her ambitions led her to a fitting defeat at the hands of King Varian. Later, she was resurrected into an undead enormity, only to be vanquished again in Blackwing Descent.

Cunning and manipulative, mighty and ambitious, Onyxia is still one of the most remembered antagonists up until now.


Nefarian was Deathwing’s eldest son. He took the form of Victor Nefarius, Lord of Blackrock, to live among humans. With Blackrock and various ogre clans under control, he conducted countless inhumane experiments to keep his kin alive and create the Chromatic Dragonflight.

He was finished off by the champions of Azeroth. But, like his sister, he was later brought back to life to continue experimenting and crafting monsters. It was he who resurrected Onyxia. But they were both ultimately defeated in Blackwing Descent.


Deathwing the Destroyer was the black dragonflight’s leader. Once known as Neltharion, the Earth-Warder of the five Dragon Aspects, now became one of the greatest terrors in the world. He adopted the persona of Lord Daval Prestor. As a human, he was handsome and charismatic, friendly and intelligent. This allowed him to be loved and respected by many.

However, as he was corrupted by the Old Gods, he betrayed the other Aspects. Being the Aspect of Death, he enslaved Alexstraza to the Horde and manipulated many conflicts. He also caused the Elemental Plane to collapse onto Azeroth, reshaped the planet, unleashed destruction, set various regions ablaze, attempted to liberate the Old Gods and end all the life on the planet, and so on and so forth.

After causing immense devastation upon the world of Azeroth, he finally met his demise when the remaining Dragon Aspects joined hands with the orc shaman Thrall and the Azeroth’s champions. However, the tale of the calamity he wrought upon this world will continue to be told. Even now, in the upcoming expansion, Neltharion still plays a vital role in the story of Dracthyrs.


Malygos was one of the five Dragon Aspects. Being the Guardian of Magic, he believed that the mortal races’ magic wielders were the source of all troubles in Azeroth. Therefore, the Spell-weaver decided to purge the world of “rogue” magic users.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Alexstraza united the remaining dragons in the Wyrmrest Accord and Azeroth’s champions to put an end to Malygos’s madness.


Though only Deathwing, two of his children, and Malygos successfully made it to the official poll, many other wyrms have heavily impacted WoW players’ hearts. It’s worth mentioning:


Wrathion, the Black Prince, son of Deathwing, and one of the last known black dragons alive. He was purified from Corruption and hatched during the war against Deathwing. Though quite ruthless in pursuing his goals and sometimes messing with mortal affairs, he is one of the uncorrupted black dragons left on Azeroth.

Like his father and siblings, he also has a human form. Throughout many events, Wrathion made it his mission to help both the Horde and Alliance’s heroes to protect Azeroth. Wrathion has once again returned to WoW, now in the expansion of Dragonflight. He’s standing side by side with the champions of Azeroth, but it’s still curious to see what path he will take or what role he will play this time.


Kalecgos became the next Steward of Magic after Malygos’s demise. He is known as Kalec, a half-human, half-elf with blue-black hair in his mortal form. Although being a lot younger than the original Aspects, his wisdom is beyond his years.

Though once corrupted, he regained his sanity and has been a resourceful ally for Azeroth. He actively assists the heroes throughout many threats towards the planet, especially when it comes to unknown magic. Kalecgos and Jaina Proudmoore had a short romance, though it ended on a sad note.


Murozond, the lord of the Infinite dragonflights. He has created them himself. He is Nozdormu’s counterpart in a future where the Aspect of Time is corrupted.

The maddened dragon laired in the End Time, one of an infinite number of potential futures. Murozond was ultimately defeated by the heroes of Azeroth, calling out to Aman’Thul with his final breath. However, there are many hints at Murozond still being alive. Some even spectate that he perhaps will appear in Dragonflight.


Asides from being the main subject in WotLK’s login screen, Sindragosa is also remembered by players as one of the most challenging boss encounters in the Icecrown Citadel raid. She was the prime consort of Malygos until her demise during the War of the Ancients. Later, she was reanimated into a frost wyrm by the Lich King to serve as the Queen of the Frostbrood. Her reign only ended when the heroes defeated her and her children in Icecrown Citadel.

The reason that makes her so unforgettable is her epic appearance in Wrath of the Lich King’s cinematic trailer. As the ferocious blizzard raged on, the ice beneath the infamous Lich King shattered into pieces as the giant creature began to emerge. With sharp claws, magnificent horns, and Frostmourne’s magic coursing through her veins, the dragon spread her wings and took flight. Her and the Lich King army’s battle cries merged into one, illuminating the snowy land with the glowing icy shade of Frostmourne. This scene has become a classic as it deeply etches in the minds of WotLK players. And the cinematic remains one of the most viewed trailers up until now.


Atramedes is not of high origin as the other dragons in this list. However, he still manages to stand out from the rest because of his tragic backstory and has one of the most exciting boss fights in World of Warcraft. Since he was little, Atramedes was the subject of many merciless experiments, rendering him sightless.

However, the drake honed his other senses and became one of his master’s most potent underlings. Being the only dragon without vision in the game, Atramedes hunts on Sound. As the battle begins, you create 0 Sound. However, the Sound starts rising once you take damage from the sightless drake. Once it reaches 100 Sound, you will be instantly terminated. You can use an Ancient Dwarven Shield to reset the Sound on all players. However, each can only be used once, as Atramedes will destroy the Shields once they are hit.

With the release of Dragonflight, we will surely meet even more interesting draconic characters, be they allies or enemies. Some of the dragons in this list may even reappear to serve the plot of the new expansion.

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