MoP Remix: Non-Plate Wearers Can’t Learn Tusks of Mannoroth

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Players have discovered a bug in WoW retail that makes non-plate wearers can’t learn Tusks of Mannoroth.

MoP Remix: Non-Plate Wearers Can't Learn Tusks of Mannoroth

One of the things that makes MoP Remix so attractive is that players have more chances to earn the Tusks of Mannoroth. Through diligent farming of Bones of Mannoroth and Bronze, players can acquire the Tusks for a price of 20 Bones of Mannoroth and 38,500 Bronze.

Yet, a recent bug has surfaced, preventing non-plate wearers from learning the Tusks of Mannoroth. Non-plate wearers can’t adorn their appearance with the Tusks. However, the situation is still incredibly infuriating. After all, the cosmetic items in MoP Remix are supposed to be learnable by all classes to spare players from the necessity of creating multiple alts just to farm for transmogs.

Fun Fact:

When buying cosmetics in MoP Remix, it might not be clear at first, but you can actually buy all classes’ Ensembles and Arsenals using one character. This handy feature can save you the hassle of leveling up 12 different alts across 12 classes just to collect their transmogs.

When you head to the Ensembles Vendor, you’ll likely see the Arsenal and Ensemble for your class only. However, you can access the full range of options for all playable classes by toggling the display to “All.” Once done, you’ll have access to purchase all the Arsenals and Ensembles for every other class. For your visual reference, we’ve included some screenshots below:

Fortunately, Blizzard has acknowledged the issue and assured players that a solution is underway. At the moment of writing, a specific release date for the patch addressing this bug is unknown. The developers only encouraged players to keep an eye on Blizzard’s official channels for more updates and announcements.

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