Mage Tower is Back! Challenges and Rewards Overview

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On March 28, 2017, patch 7.2.0 – The Tomb of Sargeras was released. It brought a plethora of content with it, namely – new dungeon and raid, brand new class mounts, a continuation of Legion’s story, and even more, yet one activity stood out the most – the Mage Tower challenges.

Mage tower was an activity fondly remembered by many players, and for a good reason too. Mage tower was an ultimate test of one’s knowledge over their class. Players had to face off against the strongest beings across worlds, both known to us and ones far beyond our reach, in a fight where only one could stand victorious.

Mage tower was always known for its bone-crushing difficulty. In order to defeat your nemesis you really had to know when and how to use every single spell you had in the book. On top of the foes being able to almost one-shot you with a single move, you had to maintain high and consistent damage throughout the fight, because of course the bosses had an equivalent to an “enrage mechanic” known to every WoW raider. That, combined with massive AoEs bosses had led to some of the most memorable fights in WoW history.

Originally, the Mage Tower rewards for such a great feat was an Artifact appearance and a tiniest bit of class-lore. Some of those weapon models went down in history as some of the best weapon appearances we ever had in game.

And the best part about Mage Tower, is that it’s back with Legion Timewalking!

Update: Mage Tower is no longer tied to Legion Timewalking and is available at all times. Exceptions might come with large new content releases, where Mage Tower may be closed for a few weeks for “maintenance”.

How does it work?

This time, the Mage Tower has had some changes implemented in it. You are no longer required to be max level. On the contrary, if your skill is high enough you can beat it on level 45 without breaking too much sweat.

Every character will be scaled down (or up) to unified standards. Same ilvl for everyone. Quite a deal-breaker is that no legendary effects are allowed. Even from past expansions, like Pandaria’s legendary cloak, Draenor’s legendary ring or even the Warglaives of Azzinoth. Furthermore, Shadowlands players won’t be able to use any of their Covenant abilities, Soulbind traits and Conduits. It is, in fact, a questionable decision on Blizzard’s behalf, but when it comes to balancing – it’s surely got to be easier for them with such restrictions.

Challenges and rewards

Once again, every class specialization will have to defeat an ultimate threat.

An Impossible foe: Elemental Shaman, Feral Druids, Fire Mages, Fury Warriors, Outlaw Rogues, and Unholy Death Knights will have to defeat Agatha, the Imp Mother in her lair.

Closing the Eye: Arms Warriors, Frost Death Knights, Havoc Demon Hunters, Subtlety Rogues, and Survival Hunters will have to stop the gone-mad Archmage Xylem at the Eye of Eternity.

End of the Risen Threat: The healers: Holy Paladins, Holy Priests, Mistweaver Monks, Restoration Druids, and Restoration Shaman will put a stop to Lord Erdris Thorn with an aid from a certain Shadowsong.

Feltotem’s Fall: Beast Mastery Hunters, Destruction Warlocks, Discipline Priests, and Windwalker Monks will avenge Highmountain by defeating Tugar Bloodtotem.

The God Queen’s Fury: Arcane Mages, Assassination Rogues, Demonology Warlocks, Enhancement Shaman, and Retribution Paladins will defeat Sygrin in the Halls of Valor.

The Highlord’s Return: The tanks: Blood Death Knights, Brewmaster Monks, Guardian Druids, Protection Paladins, Protection Warriors, and Vengeance Demon Hunters will face Highlord Kruul in the Twisting Nether.

Thwarting the Twins: Affliction Warlocks, Balance Druids, Frost Mages, Marksmanship Hunters, and Shadow Priests will fight the Magespear twins – Karam and Raest.


Unfortunately, you will not be receiving an Artifact appearance this time around. Well, unless you’re a Guardian Druid. Guardian Druid are once available to unlock a fearsome Werebear form that was thought to be gone forever. However, they are only getting a single tint of a Werebear, and a completely new one at that. The original four remain unobtainable, just like the rest of Artifact appearances.

Anyway, there are rewards for everyone. Every class will be receiving a Mythic Tier 20 armor recolor unique to Mage Tower. We’ve compiled a short video showcasing all the sets available as rewards:

Furthermore, if you manage to complete all 7 challenges on your account you will receive a brand new flying mount: the Mage-bound Spelltome

And what about Dracthyrs?

Unfortunately, Dracthyrs can’t participate in Mage Tower challenges, and therefore they can’t get any rewards… yet. There’s a teaser from Blizzard that at some point Dracthyrs will also be given an opportunity to take on the challenge and get possibly brand-new rewards!

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