Level 70 Acquired in Exile’s Reach Without Leaving The Starter Ship

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A player in Exile’s Reach has achieved a remarkable feat by acquiring the max level in WoW without ever leaving the starter ship. Reddit user Cheatcho, also known as Chica, accomplished the impossible through an extensive pet battle grind. The accomplishment was done in 60 days. Or if you want to know the total time it took to go from 1 to 70, then the journey lasted 200 days.

To do this, Chica used alt characters on the same account to finish daily account-wide pet battle quests. Then, they turned in every completed one to the NPCs on the starter ship. Cheatcho was also the second player in the world to gain 70 on a pacifist route. With the first being Doubleagent.

You can read their post below to better understand why and how they did it.

It’s not the first instance of an Azerothian champion attaining the highest level through unconventional means. Previously, a German streamer accomplished the feat through fishing. The case of Doubleagent has become legendary in this regard. And we are all familiar with the specless community in WoW. It’s intriguing to see what other innovative means players will think of to add an extra layer of excitement to the gaming experiences.

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