How to Transmog — A Guide for Beginners

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Have you ever wanted to wear a visually matching set of armor in WoW, yet the useful gear makes you look short of hideous? —Worry not, as WoW has a whole system revolving around your character’s look, and its name is transmogrification (or transmog, for short). 

Sure, the word may be difficult to pronounce at first, but its general idea is very simple.

What is transmogrification?

Transmogrification is a system in WoW that allows you to change the appearance of your armor into something completely different for a small fee. Keep in mind that the stats and bonuses of your armor will stay untouched, and the only thing that is changing is the look of it.

Transmogrification Menu UI

Where do I Transmogrify?

There are actually a whole bunch of people providing transmogrification services throughout World of Warcraft, but let’s presume you are a complete beginner. You can actually find two transmogrifiers in your faction’s capital! The easiest option is to visit the trading post (you will be guided there constantly, so you can’t really miss it), and find the NPC right then and there.

What do I need to apply a transmog to my armor and weapons?

Not much, really. All you need is to have the desired appearance unlocked in your collection and a few hundreds of gold coins. To see your collection press SHIFT+P and go to the ‘Appearances’ tab.

What is my transmog collection?

Your appearance collection is all the armor and weapons you came by and wore in your travels. The greatest thing about your collection is that it is account-bound, meaning it is shared across all of your characters. However, there are some rules on how it works and we will lay them all before you:

Grey Item needs to be equipped to be added to the collection
BoP item goes to the collection immediately

Where do I find items for my collection?

The short answer is — everywhere. If you’re just starting practically anything you will do will get you a new appearance to add to the collection. But let’s say we want to actually look epic, a good start for your journey would be to visit some legacy raids. Legacy raids are very easy to solo (unless they are from the previous expansion) and shower you in rewards. A couple of resets later you will complete your first raid set and will be able to transmog into it with a simple click of a button.

Completed Sets in your collection

Another source of good appearances is PvP. Grinding out PvP brawls usually generously rewards you with [Marks of Honor], — a token-type item, where a number of those (usually 12) can be traded for a full set of PvP transmog appearance from a PvP vendor at the expansion’s capital, a.e. — for Legion sets you’d want to visit the Broken Isles Dalaran etc.There’s also an option to get some epic gear extremely easily and try out the system. You can visit these NPCs in Orgrimmar, above the Grommash Hold,

or these NPCs in Champion’s Hall, which is in Stormwind’s Old City district, to simply buy old raiding gear for gold. They do not sell full sets, but their goods will be more than enough to get you started on your fashionista journey.

General Transmogrification Tips & Tricks:

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