How to Tame Skarr Pet — Expert Tips and Strategies

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How to Tame Skarr Pet – Expert Tips and Strategies

Skarr is a magnificent cat with stone skin and bright red eyes. It’s an excellent companion for any accomplished hunter. And, of course, a rare find. It’ll take you hours to locate the beast and special precautions to tame it. But rest assured. This tame Skarr guide is here to help you save your time and shorten the process.

About the Pet

It’s one of the rarest pets found in the game, which justifies its immense allure. And it’s not just wanted as a collector’s prize. It’s a good-looking cat, whose appearance reflects its usual area of habitat: active volcanoes. The creature can also cast abilities, which induce fire damage and can stun an enemy, providing extra help in the battle.

Before starting your hunt, make sure to take:

Don’t start without them, because these measures can seriously decrease the time you’ll otherwise spend trying to locate, reach, and tame the magnificent pet. It’s not particularly difficult if you follow the instructions, but the process can be annoying. So, any proper Skarr taming strategy would recommend these preparations.

Starting Off

How to Tame Skarr Pet — Expert Tips and Strategies

To start your journey, you’ll have to reach the location called Mount Hyjal, which is in Kalimdor. Once there, proceed to the lakeside area between The Regrowth and The Sanctuary of Malorne on the western outskirts of the map. A big glowing portal is what you’re looking for, so it won’t be easy to miss. In case it still confuses you, then here are the coordinates: 27.49, 56.35

The portal leads to the Molten Front where you’ll find your future companion. The problem is that it might not even be open to you because the entire location was added back in 2011. Not everyone has even been here. In order to open the gateway, you’ll have to complete the Calling for Reinforcements questline, which doesn’t take long.

The Molten Front

Next up on the guide to finding Skarr, you’ll be cast into the Molten Front. It’s a floating magmatic area, but you don’t have to complete any activities here to find and tame the animal. Once you have reached the location, toggle your RareScanner addon to start a countdown for the imminent appearance of a rare pet in the area. It typically spawns in about three or four hours after you’ve entered this dimension.

Unfortunately, Skarr shares the same spawn timer with Karkin. It means, when the countdown hits zero, there’s an equal chance a magmatic crab will appear in place of the cat you’ve come for. It’s also tameable, of course, but it’s just not what you’ve come here for, isn’t it?

If the crab does spawn, the timer will reset. It might take several attempts for the cat to finally appear. So, instead of waiting for three hours, it might extend to six, nine, or even 12. It’s partially why domesticating the beast is a challenge, even though the reward is well worth it.

It’s important to note that “three hours” refers to the time spent here back-to-back. Simply entering the area won’t cut it, you’ll have to stay and wait. The Skarr spawn timer will reset if you leave, which is unfortunate because the game will log you out after 15 minutes of idleness. Fortunately, RareScanner will notify you exactly when Skarr (or Karkin) spawns.

Off to the Spawn Point

How to Tame Skarr Pet — Expert Tips and Strategies

When you receive that sweet notification, you can start heading to Skarr’s rare spawn points. There are two of them. They are on the same path and not far from one another. You could also head there sooner, but that particular place is precarious. It’s better to do something meaningful around the map since you’re here already.

To find Skarr:

  1. Head left from Malfurion’s Breach.
  2. Go on through the fiery path at The Furnace. You must have a high-level character (50-70 in Dragonflight) to proceed without harm.
  3. Make steady progress towards the northern edge of The Furnace near the Fireplume Peak.
  4. Notice a collection of floating platforms connecting the two landmasses. One of Skarr’s spawn points is among the leftmost platforms. The other is on the opposite side. So, you’ll need to prepare for some climbing. The parkour segment isn’t hard, but the rocks can crack and disappear. So, look out for that.
  5. Once on the other side, head right and proceed along the edge of the island. Soon, you’ll stumble upon a smaller patch of platforms. That’s the second spawn point.

By situating yourself strategically between these two points, you may observe both locations simultaneously. After all, the rare pet may appear unpredictably in either of these spots. Fortunately, they are close by, so you won’t have to run from one edge of the map to the other. However, here comes one of the main challenges of taming Skarr. As stated above, the creature might not spawn immediately. Thus, you must stay in the game for up to 12 hours.

That’s why it’s such a rare find. Not only is it hard to locate, but also not many people are ready to spend hours of their lives stalking an elusive animal. Especially when there are plenty of other unique Hunter pets that are easier to get. Nevertheless, there isn’t a companion as magnificent as this feline.


Now, the taming part of this Skarr pet guide.

Another big obstacle between you and a domesticated lava cat is its Fieroclast Barrage spell that stuns those who dare to venture near. It would interrupt your Tame Beast ability, which, you’ll notice, has a slower cast time by exactly one second. Inconveniently still, the scoundrel starts casting right as you attempt to tame it, creating a vicious cycle. That would be comical if you didn’t just spend over three hours waiting for it.

One of the best tips for taming Skarr is to bring something that can speed you up. The ideal solution is to bring along a pet with the Primal Rage ability, as mentioned earlier.  It will provide the necessary boost to outperform the taming candidate and complete the cast before it interrupts you. All ferocity beasts have the ability, and you likely have at least one such buddy.

Importantly, do not cast Primal Rage onto the much-awaited feline, as it compels your current companion to attack Skarr and put it down. Instead, do this to domesticate the cat:

  1. Cast Primal Rage near it, not on it
  2. Dismiss the current animal friend 
  3. Start taming

After that, you’ll have it at your full disposal. It’s worth it if you like cats, and especially if you like its dark aesthetic. It can fit a variety of fiery, magmatic, or industrial styles, which is the main reason why so many adventurers embark on this hellish journey. 

If you’re a visual learner, you can watch our video guide below, which shows where the creature is and how to tame it.

Tips and Tricks

You can increase your chances of befriending the beast with these techniques:

In terms of what interactions with this beast can yield, it’s scarce. Defeating the cat will award you a junk item. So, there isn’t really any loot and achievements for killing Skarr. Farming these cats is absolutely counter-productive, so just stick to taming them. It’s more humane this way, anyhow.

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