Leveling Your Alt Characters Fast and Easy in Dragonflight

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What is the fastest way of alt leveling in Dragonflight? How much do the new expansion changes help to level up your alts? What leveling features can hide from the eyes of the most experienced player? You’re about to learn it all in a very few minutes.

Main Tips

Every Dragonflight player must follow a few essential tips for alt leveling. However, the first tip is about the feature that is difficult to avoid. It’s the Adventure Mode system. It works the same way as the previous expansion’s Threads of Fate. The requirement is to be 68 or higher and have four Dragon Isles campaigns completed. You’ve most likely unlocked it if you’ve already reached lvl 70 on your main.

The Adventure Mode allows you to start training soldiers of your alt army wherever you want. Every zone’s plot becomes accessible along with the World Quests. This advice is crucial for those who have just started leveling mains. And it leads to another piece of advice. If you’re fond of building alt armies, don’t waste your main’s time on side quests.

One more crucial tip for fast alt leveling is tied to the central Dragonflight feature: the Dragonriding. As you know, that system includes a special Dragonriding talent tree. You unlock talents with the Dragon Glyph Embers. And you gain those by collecting Dragon Glyphs all over the Dragon Isles.

There are 48 Glyphs in total. Collecting them may take up to an hour. But that hour is worth it. Your dragon will significantly speed up movement around the Isles at full power. Most importantly, the Glyphs are account-wide. That hour to collect them is spent only once.

Finally, remember two more tips that have been suitable in all the latest expansions. Turn on the War Mode to get a 10% experience buff, and try to have at least ilvl 220 before starting the farm. Without the latter, you may sometimes face difficulties fighting a crowd of mobs or particularly dangerous rares. Besides, some players will also be glad to see your War Mode turned on.

A Good Place To Start

Successful leveling of an alt in Dragonflight may depend on a place to start farming. One of the most unusual options is to postpone a journey to the Dragon Isles and take lvl 61 in Shadowlands. With an ilvl not lower than 280 and a bunch of friends, you can farm elites in the House of the Chosen in Maldraxxus. A correct pull and AoE of the groups of elites may make you 61 in about 10 minutes.

Ohn’ahran Plains and Walking Shores are the best places for truly fast leveling on the Dragon Isles. They’re especially comfortable if you have a fully upgraded dragon mount. But the main reason is their questlines being less linear. Besides, NPCs giving them are usually close to each other. This is why completing them is often more profitable than flying from one World Quest to another.

Actually, alt characters should really stick to the usual quests in this WoW expansion. Doing them is also more profitable than farming dungeons — even if you’re in a party. Thus, World and Bonus quests become just a source of pleasant additional experience.

You may want to diversify a questing experience and avoid completing quests from the main plotline. If so, the best recommendation is to concentrate on side quests in Waking Shores or the Azure Span. They’re considered to be the fastest.

The Azure Span is recommended by a few Dragonflight alt leveling guides due to one more reason: the Cobalt Assembly. It’s the faction with the simplest way of reputation farm — fighting Sundered mobs in the location. You start gaining reputation at 68. That’s also the safest time to start fighting them, as the mobs are elite and high-level. But there’s a possibility to get in a team with some farmers with good gear. They’ll continue to farm rep, and you will gain experience. However, as this way can sometimes give too much exp, there’s a concern that someday it’ll be fixed.

Professions and Gathering

Gaining 2300 experience for gathering a Herbalism or Mining unit is unlikely the fastest way to level alts in Dragonflight. You may have thought that fully upgraded Dragonriding would help speed up the gathering process. But it’s unlikely, too. New locations are still huge and full of obstacles, even for the most experienced dragon riders. And finally, there are more than enough competitors. They also hope to make use of new features in gathering.

But some changes brought to the profession system by the new expansion provide an exciting fast leveling option. With the First Craft Bonus, you can rush from 68 to 70 within dozens of minutes.

You gain this Bonus for every item created with a profession for the first time. The word “Bonus” can be put in quotes regarding the experience it gives. Because 11,330 experience for one craft is just a little less than 14,000 exp from Bonus Objectives on the map. The First Crafts will also provide you with Knowledge Points used to upgrade professional skills. But don’t try to cheat the system: the First Craft is literally the First. If you abandon the profession and learn it again, you won’t get the bonus experience for already crafted items.

Now that you know how this way of alt leveling works, there’s a choice to make for each member of the alt army. For some of them, you may save a bunch of gold and boost a profession with the reagents bought from the auction. The easiest and cheapest choice for this way would be Tailoring.

With other characters, you can gain experience both from gathering and the First Bonus Craft. Collect the herb on your own and start crafting Alchemy items. You can even sell them and earn money to boost the experience of one more character with a new profession.

The only common recommendation is to save this boost opportunity for levels 68-70. If you use it earlier, you’ll have to confront high-level mobs with outdated gear. This could end badly. However, you can always buy WoW alt character boost to avoid any bad endings.

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