How to get Crowd Pummeler 2-30 mount in The War Within

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Have you ever wondered how to get the Crowd Pummeler 2-30 mount in The War Within? If so, you are in the right place!

How to get Crowd Pummeler 2-30


We created this article based on all the data known at the moment, and we will update it as soon as new information becomes available. 

The Crowd Pummeler 2-30, a new mount introduced in Patch 11.0.0, is available for all players with Khaz Algar Engineering starting from skill level 101. The mount costs a whopping 3.1 million gold, which has caused a lot of debate. Despite its adorable look, many players aren’t happy with the high price and think it’s not worth it.

How to get Crowd Pummeler 2-30 mount

Your first step is to obtain 25x Piles of Rusted Scrap. As an Engineer, you can use leftover reagents like Gyrating Gear to craft a Pile of Rusted Scrap via Pilfer Through Parts.

How to get Crowd Pummeler 2-30
Source: Wowhead

To obtain these Scraps, you can blow the cobwebs away and travel to the following locations to slay these mobs in The War Within:

Once you have 25x Piles of Rusted Scrap, you can invent a Prototype, which is possible once every 24 hours. These Prototypes can be taken apart to get some Hastily Scrawled Notes. If you have extra Scraps and do not want to wait 24 hours, you can also choose to Scour Through Scrap. This gives you a chance to get another Prototype with a small chance, which can then be disassembled through the Disassemble Invention.

Remember that these Prototypes are labeled as ‘Unique: Prototype (1),’ which means you can only have one in your inventory across all the Prototypes at a time. It means you must salvage or use it once you get one. After getting 15x Hastily Scrawled Notes, combine them into 1x Comprehensibly Organized Ideas

How to get Crowd Pummeler 2-30
Source: Wowhead

Use these Ideas, as they will allow you to select one of three random recipes based on your current specialization. If you are fortunate, you can choose the Crowd Pummeler 2-30!

Obtaining resources

The second crucial step involves obtaining resources to craft the Crowd Pummeler 2-30 mount. If you have enough Gold in your bag and want to spend less time crafting, find Paxton Bombshell at coordinates [64.0, 78.4] in The Ringing Deeps and buy the required resources from him. 

How to get Crowd Pummeler 2-30
Source: Wowhead

The total cost will be 3.1 million Gold:

ItemCost per pieceQuantity neededTotal cost
Bountiful Bolts100 Gold1,000 pieces100,000 Gold
Assorted Whirlygigs2,500 Gold200 pieces500,000 Gold
Blinker Fluid5,000 Gold80 pieces400,000 Gold
Cataclysmic Converter12,000 Gold50 pieces600,000 Gold
Pummel-Proof Plating25,000 Gold20 pieces500,000 Gold
Pummel Permit1,000,000 Gold1 piece1,000,000 Gold

However, because this vendor method is not exactly for a general player due to the amount of Gold you must fork out, you can use the second one, which is the most affordable.

How to get Crowd Pummeler 2-30
Source: Wowhead

If you have unlocked the Parts trait in the Inventing Engineering tree, you can acquire the mount’s parts by Pilfering Through Parts. Although these parts are rare drops, their rarity and the item you choose to scrap both impact the chances of obtaining them during Pilfering

Using this method, you can get the Crowd Pummeler 2-30 mount at a lower cost. However, keep in mind that it depends on your luck. Since the Pummeler parts are BoE, you can sell them at the Auction House or purchase them for a lower price than the Paxton Bombshell’s.


That’s all for now. We hope you have found this article useful and that it has greatly helped you. Share your thoughts on this new Engineering mount in the comments below.

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