Fyr’alath Is Raining After Bad Luck Protection Buff

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Following a recent buff to the bad luck protection system, now, Fyr’alath is raining into players’ inventories.

Fyr'alath Is Raining After Bad Luck Protection Buff

Earlier, we reported Blizzard’s decision to enhance the effect of both the Greater and Lesser Embers of Fyr’alath:

With the update being retroactive, players have almost immediately experienced the grand impact of the change.

If four Fyr’alath dropping simultaneously left you astonished before, then brace yourself. Such occurrences have now become the new norm. Across the internet, players have been sharing instances where five or six of Fyrakk’s axes drop at the same time on Heroic:


According to Redditor StandUpPedlingMode, a lucky player even got Fyr’alath in LFR!


And the record at the moment is 12 Fyr’alaths dropping at once:


So, if Fyr’alath hasn’t found its way into your collection, don’t give up just yet! Now is a great time to farm for the latest Dragonflight Legendary. And once it’s in your possession, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide on How to Get Fyr’alath the Dreamrender for step-by-step instructions and valuable information about Fyrakk’s two-handed axe!

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