Frog Farmers’ Cloak Nerfed, Bronze Buffed for Other Players

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Frog farmers’ cloak nerfed. All hyper-spawning spots are eliminated. Players who didn’t participate in hyper-farming will have their Bronze gain buffed.

Frog Farmers' Cloak Nerfed, Bronze Buffed for Other Players

Key Takeaways:

  • Blizzard nerfed frog farmers’ Cloak of Infinite Potential. Players who didn’t take part in killing Gulp Frogs will earn an additional 40,000 Bronze.
  • Blizzard’s decision is questionable as the frog farmers didn’t actually exploit anything, they only played the game as they normally would.
  • Some players feel the 40,000 Bronze compensation doesn’t really change anything and is unable to bridge the gap between frog farmers and other players.

Finally, we know what Blizzard was marking the frog farmers for. Recently, the developers issued an official post regarding the Gulp Frog situation in WoW Remix. Grinding hyper-spawning mobs has resulted in some players gaining “an extreme advantage” over others, disrupting the gameplay experience for many. And so, to address this problem, Blizzard has announced plans to nerf the froggers.

The company will adjust characters who accumulated unusually high numbers of Gulp Frog kills before the fix was applied to nerf the loot. Specifically, Blizzard will reduce the power of the Cloak of Infinite Potential. This move is aimed at restoring a fair balance in the game, bringing their power back to a level that regular players can “reasonably achieve.” Thus, now, their cloaks are 2,500 of each stat with 25,000 Stamina.

As for players who didn’t take part in hyper-farming, Blizzard will compensate them with three additional quests. By reaching levels 50, 60, and 70, players will be rewarded with quests that yield large Bronze rewards. These milestone quests will grant characters 3,000, 7,000, and 30,000 Bronze, respectively. Level 70 Timerunners will be able to complete all three quests immediately for 40,000 additional Bronze when this change takes effect. Frog farmers won’t be eligible for these quests.

Frog Farmers' Cloak Nerfed, Bronze Buffed for Other Players
(Source: Wowhead)

Blizzard’s efforts to level the playing field in response to the Gulp Frog farming exploit are well-intentioned. However, it’s hard to deny that this may be one of the most controversial decisions regarding MoP Remix, alongside capping the stats of the Cloak of Infinite Potential. Some players argue that the frog farmers didn’t exploit anything. Yet, their efforts are deemed unacceptable by Blizzard. And now, they are receiving a penalty just for playing the game the way they normally would.

There are also voices within the community expressing dissatisfaction with the Bronze compensation offered. They argue that the froggers were able to earn much more than 40,000 Bronze. As a result, they contend that these players have already advanced through all end-game content and acquired the desired rewards from MoP Remix. So, Blizzard’s fix doesn’t actually change anything.

What about you? What do you think about Blizzard’s decision to nerf frog farmers’ cloaks? Let us know your opinions in the comments!

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