Everything We Know about WoW 12th Expansion: The Last Titan

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Everything We Know about WoW 12th Expansion: The Last Titan

WoW 12th expansion: The Last Titan is one of the three incoming chapters in the grand saga of World Soul. It was first announced at BlizzCon 2023, alongside two other expansions, WoW: The War Within and WoW: Midnight

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WoW: The Last Titan Release Date

There has yet to be official information regarding WoW The Last Titan’s release date.

What Can You Expect in WoW: The Last Titan

WoW: The Last Titan is the third and final chapter of the epic World Soul trilogy. It takes players back to Northrend, centering on Ulduar and the Titans’ comeback in Azeroth. In this expansion, you’ll uncover a profound conspiracy stretching Azeroth’s history. Everything you have known about the Titans up until now is not what it seems. You will learn more about their motives and the true nature of Azeroth. Silithus stands out as a critical location, promising a compelling narrative ahead. 

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