Echo’s raid leader: WoW should have a contest mode like Destiny 2

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As World of Warcraft enters a quieter phase, some pro players are turning to other games. Echo’s raid leader is now diving into Destiny 2, believing WoW could learn a thing or two from Bungie’s famous MMOFPS.

Echo's raid leader: WoW should have a contest mode like Destiny 2

Key Takeaways

  • Echo’s raid leader, Scripe, suggested that Wow should adopt Destiny 2’s contest mode to level the playing field.
  • Destiny 2’s contest mode ensures fair competition by standardizing gear and capping power levels in activities like raids, emphasizing skill over gear advantages.
  • Scripe’s idea has sparked debate; supporters see it as enhancing fairness, while others worry about potential negative impacts on game enjoyment for casual players.
  • Many agree that removing the PTR could make WoW more exciting, but it risks lowering content quality and increasing bugs without pre-release player feedback.

Scripe, Echo’s founder and raid leader, has been exploring Destiny 2. The action MMO has given him some intriguing ideas. Recently, he took to X/Twitter to propose a significant change for World of Warcraft, suggesting that Blizzard should consider replacing the raid testing on PTR with Destiny 2’s contest mode. In Scripe’s opinion, this mode would level the playing field by standardizing gear quality for all players.

What is Destiny 2 contest mode

Destiny 2 contest mode is a gameplay feature designed to ensure fair competition among players during specific activities, such as raids. All participants have their gear quality standardized, and their power capped below the recommended level to increase the raid’s difficulty. Contest mode makes the game more challenging and creates a fairer and more competitive environment. After all, no one has any unfair advantage from high-powered equipment. Thus, success depends more on teamwork, strategy, and individual skill than on having the best gear.

WoW should have a contest mode: Echo’s raid leader sparks debate

“After playing Destiny 2, I am even more sure that WoW needs to remove boss testings and dungeon journal and introduce a contest mode (hard mode lasting 2 weeks with capped ilvl)”

— Scripe, Echo’s founder and raid leader

Scripe’s idea has ignited a heated discussion in the comment section. Some players are worried that making changes to the game just to suit a small group of pros racing to finish new raids first could hurt the fun for everyone else. Meanwhile, supporters of the idea believe that capping the gear ilvl would create a fairer playing field for competitive raiders. Also, it would reduce the need for multiple, often tedious raid runs and other forms of extensive preparation.

Many gamers agree with Scripe that getting rid of the PTR, not just for raids but for all new content, would make the game more exciting. After all, everyone would be able to experience new updates at the same time without prior knowledge or strategies. Yet, removing the PTR entirely is not a decision without its downsides. Developers would miss out on valuable player feedback and the opportunity to make necessary adjustments before release. This could lead to a decrease in content quality and an increase in bugs and glitches, potentially impacting the overall game experience.

What about you? Do you agree with Scripe and think WoW should have a contest mode? Or do you believe that this is unnecessary? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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