Dragonflight: All June 2024 Trading Post Items

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Welcome to your most comprehensive Dragonflight Trading Post items! We update this article every month, so be sure to bookmark it for your convenience!

The Trading Post vendors T&W and Zen’shiri have restocked their inventory for the month of May 2024 with exciting new items that are sure to captivate the attention of collectors and enthusiasts alike. Wondering where to find the Trading Posts and how they work? Be sure to check out the FAQ at the end!

With that said, here is the full list of goodies available in June 2024:

Pets, Mounts, Toys

NameTypeCost (Trader’s Tender)
Colorful Beach ChairToy200
Delicate Crimson ParasolToy200
Pearlescent Goblin Wave ShredderMount700
Riding TurtleMount700



TypeNameCost (Trader’s Tender)
Tropical Sunrise Wristwraps Hands40
Tropical Sunrise SandalsFeet40
Tropical Sunrise BeadsHands40
Tropical Sunrise Airy SandalsFeet40
Churning Sands TreadsFeet60
Churning Sands GlovesHands60
Tropical Sunrise SashWaist60
Dueler’s Carrot Shoulder CapeShoulder75
Dueler’s Sunny Shoulder CapeShoulder75
Classic Carrot TabardTabard100
Trader’s Sunny SarongLegs100
Ensemble: Wanderer’s Carrot Trappings
Head and Back100
Ensemble: Vagabond’s Carrot Threads
Head and Back100
Tropical Sunrise TrunksLegs150
Tropical Sunrise SkirtLegs150
Tropical Sunrise ShirtChest200
Tropical Sunrise Halter TopChest200
Blademaster’s Suntouched StonesChest200
Tropical Sunrise Mrgl FloaterWaist220
Tropical Sunrise SunshadeHead220
Ensemble: Sunny Tropical BeachwearChest, Waist, Legs, Feet, and Hands650
Ensemble: Sunny Tropical SwimwearChest, Waist, Legs, Feet, Hands, and Head650


NameTypeCost (Trader’s Tender)
Sharpened Shank
One-Hand Dagger50
Initiate’s BoStaff60
Forgemaster’s GavelOne-Hand Mace100
Water Blaster B.L.Gun330
Corrupted Bladefist
Fist Weapon525
Arsenal: Blazing Felfire ArmamentsOne-Hand Sword and Shield650

Trading Post Items: June 2024 Bonus Reward

In June 2024, you can get the Trading Post’s bonus reward, X-treme Water Blaster Display, by filling up the Traveler’s Log bar. Fill up the Traveler’s Log bar to blast away the heat with this summertime delight!

Dragonflight: All June 2024 Trading Post Items
(Source: Blizzard Entertainment)

That’s pretty much it for this month. Make sure to come back at the beginning of July to see the newest update on the merchandise!


Where are the Trading Posts?

The Trading Posts are found on both Alliance and Horde’s territories. You can find the Alliance merchants Tawny and Wilder, at their T&W shop near the Mage District. If you are a Horde, then look for Zen’shiri shop near Grommash Hold.

What are Trading Posts and how do they work?

Trading Posts are special shops in Dragonflight that were first introduced in Patch 10.0.5. These shops’ main type of currency is Trader’s Tender, which allow you to buy not only the currently available transmogs, pets, and mounts but also those no longer obtainable.

By engaging in the Trading Posts’ monthly activities, you’ll fill up the Traveler’s Log bar and earn Trader’s Tender to unlock special cosmetic rewards like transmogs, pets, and mounts.

How to get Trader’s Tender?

To get Trader’s Tender, complete the monthly activities listed within the Traveler’s Log. You can find it in the Adventure Guide once you reach level 10. Completing this set of tasks can give you 500 Trader’s Tender. It’s worth noting that you need not complete all activities in the log, as there’s a cap on how much Trader’s Tender you can earn per cycle.

Trader’s Tender Farm

Get x500 Trader’s Tender, monthly bonus reward, completed challenges from the Traveler’s Log, and more in just 1-3 days!

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How often does Trading Post Items reset WoW?

The Trading Post resets once per month. On the first day of every month, you’ll find a fresh assortment of items that are completely different from the previous month’s collection. Don’t worry if you can’t farm enough Trader’s Tender in time to get what you want. The items will cycle back once in a while.

What level for Trading Post in WoW?

From level 10 onwards, you can find the Traveler’s Log and its sets of activities in the Adventure Guide.

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