Trading Post in Dragonflight: Feature Overview

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New features still appear in WoW, such as the Trading Post. Many people find it similar to various forms of Battle Passes in other games. Here we’ll cover everything that you need to know about the Trading Post in Dragonflight to help you understand how it works.


Now that the Post is active, you can get unique tokens — the Trader’s Tender. There are several methods for obtaining them. Those tokens may be further spent on unique items from the Post. Those items are generally cosmetic, and their list changes every month. But let’s not rush forward and answer a simple question first: how to unlock Trading Post in WoW?


Getting access to the feature is quite easy. The initial quest is added to your journal automatically if your account has an active subscription. Your task will be to speak to a few NPCs. This quest’s only purpose is to introduce you to the feature. You won’t have to do anything significant and time-consuming to gain access to the Post.

Two World of Warcraft factions each have their own Post in their respective capitals.

Stormwind’s Post — Tawney and Wilder — is near the Mage Quarter, next to the dungeon entrance. The Horde’s Zenshiri Trading Post can be found in the Valley of Strength. Don’t panic if you struggle to determine the Trading Post location. The quest described above can lead you right to it.


There are currently two primary ways to get the Trader’s Tender. The first one is simple — you will receive 500 pieces for free. These tokens go straight to your Collector’s Cache on the first day of each month. You need to have an active subscription to claim them. Otherwise, you will receive the currency the day you activate your subscription. The Collector’s Cache is a massive chest that you can find right next to the Post in your respective capital city.

You can also carry out simple tasks to farm the Tender. They rotate monthly and go from something quite challenging, like defeating a world boss to simply emoting at a particular NPCs. The Trading Post feature suggests that you can receive up to 500 tokens carrying out such tasks.

No worries — you won’t have to complete the list to the fullest to reach the token cap. Completing several tasks will do. You are not obliged to engage in activities that are unusual for you. If you’re a PvE player, for example, you won’t need to visit Battlegrounds just to fill your progress bar.


You can check our always up-to-date article showing all the rewards of current month!

The Trading Post items are different every month. Visit the Post whenever you want to check how many days you have left until the current offers expire. You can also freeze a single item to save it for the future. It will transfer to the next set of goods offered for trading. You may repeat that action as many times as you like, even with the same item.

You may exchange Trader’s Tender for various collectibles. The prices differ respectively — a cloak appearance might cost you 75 Tender, while a unique mount may have a price of 900. Such a mount that is available in February is the Celestial Steed. Now you can also find it in the Blizzard Store if you wish to spend your Tender on some other items. Note that the WoW Trading Post cosmetics do not influence your power in any way. You won’t find pieces of gear or something like that here.

There’s an extra reward for those who have claimed the Tender cap. You may view it in the Traveler’s Log. The Log can be accessed via your Adventure Guide once you have completed the initial quest mentioned earlier. The first month’s reward is Ash’adar, Harbinger of Dawn. It is a flying mount that can shift between two colors.

There is also a special achievement named Trading Post Enthusiast. It requires you to complete The Trading Post monthly progress bars for a full year. After 12 months, you can receive the achievement and its reward — Burden of Unrelenting Justice, a unique transmog set reminiscent of the Night Elf Wardens. You will get two different versions of the appearance — Sun and Moon.

You can find out how the community reacted to this set being massively time-gated in our news post in detail.


The last section of our Trading Post guide contains general tips on utilizing the new system. If you intend to gain the maximum profit out of it, you should consider the following.

The Trading Post WoW rewards are generous, but you don’t have to exert yourself too much to get them. Remember: you won’t need all the tasks in the Traveler’s Log completed to get your Tender’s cap. If you need some help filling your progress bar, you can always get it via our WoW services. We hope that this guide has helped you in some way, and you’ve found answers to your questions. Happy trading, and see you in Azeroth!

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