Dragonflight: Prepare to be Roasted by Neltharion

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Dragonflight: Prepare to be Roasted by Neltharion

Are you a Paladin who wields the blessed power of the light? A fearless Warrior? A powerful Mage? A Warlock who laughs in the face of demons? Well, no matter who you are, brace yourself. Neltharion will roast you until there are only embers left.

In one and a half minutes, Deathwing effortlessly put all 13 classes in their rightful place. So, why not spare a moment to listen to what he has to sneer about your class?

Unfortunately, this fascinating feature has been scrapped along with Surrender to Corruption. Initially, when he calls out a specific class, its players will lose control of their characters. They will lash out at everyone, friends and foes alike, in their vicinity. The battlefield will become chaotic, resembling Nefarian’s notorious mechanic from the Blackwing Lair. This treacherous mechanic will easily lead to the destruction of parties that are underprepared to face it.

However, balancing this ability across all 13 classes proved a challenge too difficult to overcome. As a result, the encounter journal no longer includes said mechanic, which could mean that it has been entirely eliminated from the game.

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