Dragonflight Loot Changes: Vault of Incarnate Rewards

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With the coming release of the new expansion, Blizzard plans to revamp the existing system of drops. It’ll be introduced in the opening raid of Season 1 — Vault of the Incarnates. These new Dragonflight loot changes should include several decisions, such as new item tiers, a new BoE system, and an emphasis on group distribution.

Quite a few of these have something to do with the devs’ desire to make the rewards progression more exciting and fair. That being said, it seems like they want to experiment with many of these changes before making them full-time features. So, if some of them end up worse in reality than on paper, they might be subject to change.

Boss Item Tiers

In Shadowlands, there are two tiers of boss items — “regular” and “final’. It meant you’d get basic rewards from all bosses besides the final ones. The latter gave you powerful rewards, and there was no layer of value in between. With the coming Dragonflight raid loot system, there will be.

They are adding intermediate drops (already dubbed “wing-tier” for being wing boss trophies). Thanks to that, tough medium encounters will drop slightly better items than usual, giving you a sense of accomplishment. The “final-tier” stuff won’t go anywhere. The levels will be 389, 395, and 398 on normal difficulty.

Group Distribution

In the Vault, personal drops aren’t going to be available. Instead, everything now goes through group distribution, and members will claim stuff through a Need or Greed Interface. The Dragonflight group loot change is supposed to make the distribution of rewards more logical and fair.

Some minor prizes, like professional reagents, should still be distributed personally. Moreover, Blizzard lifts ilvl limitations on trading between party members. Players will now be able to give rewards to their allies instead of being forced to keep them, which is the case with some.

The Dragonflight master loot system won’t be changed much, however. They haven’t announced anything of such sort, although doing so might be wise if they mean to stick exclusively to group drops from now on. The current system is years old, after all.

BoE Drops

In addition to the Dragonflight personal loot removal, BoE is also getting a rework. In particular, such drops will be exclusive to several named powerful enemies. They aren’t extracted randomly from trash mobs anymore. They’ll also increase the number of such encounters per raid proportionate to how many people a party includes.

In addition, the BoE selection should include many more curious and valuable items. They are doing that to make the rooms between the bosses more exciting than it is. In their words, they want these stages to become an additional challenge that you’ll be hyped to fight against.

Extra Trinkets

The Dragonflight dungeon loot makes it possible for bosses to give an additional item of several levels higher than what they usually offer. It’s not a “titanforged” situation where you have a chance to get a stronger type of the same equipment. This stuff should largely be equally valuable, but scarcer overall.

Only some Vault encounters will have special unique items tied to them, which you can claim with some chance. That includes 2 basic bosses, an intermediate one, and a final one. These trophies include some interesting stuff in this raid and some even stack.

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