WoW Dragonflight Fan-Favorite Veritistrasz Is Back in 10.0.7

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The World of Warcraft community is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Patch 10.0.7. While it’s still on PTR, the new update promises a wealth of fascinating changes and exciting additions. As of now, fans are particularly hyping about the return of Veritistrasz. He’s an ancient red dragon who takes the form of an old dwarf. Players first met him in the sidequest Stay a While. And now, he’s back with even more stories to unfold.

In the latest quest, Veritistrasz joins forces with a youngling from the Black dragonflight named Voraxian. In contrast with the melancholic red dragon, Voraxian is boisterous and full of life. Apparently, he encounters an ancient relic and asks the players to help unlock its secrets. The player then introduces Voraxian to the red dragon, who sheds light on the mysterious object. You can check them out at Portergauge’s tweets.

Upon completing the quest, the black dragon remains by the old dwarf’s side atop the Ruby Lifeshrine. Thus, dialogues between the two are open for you to hear. However, it’s not yet available on the PTR. So you still have to wait until Spring to know what it’s about.

Stay a While is one of Dragonflight’s most touching and well-crafted stories. Fans are hopeful that his incoming chapter will continue to impress. However, others are more cautious. After all, it’s like a movie with too many sequels. Overusing Veritistrasz’s tale may detract from what made it so special.

In the meantime, you can look forward to other 10.0.7 upcoming content here.

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