Dragonflight Factions: Renown Level Cap May Raise to 40

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Advent Eury recently discovered something intriguing in the WoW Companion mobile app. They realized that the Dragonflight factions’ Renown levels might increase. Specifically, it will reach a new height of 40. This is great news for Warcraft lovers. After all, it means players can get even more rewards for their efforts with the Dragonscale Expedition.

Currently, the Renown cap is 25. With level 40 incoming, it will be much more exciting. As of now, we know a new title and a cosmetic backpack await you along the way.

Factions are groups of NPCs with whom you can interact. You’ll accumulate reputations by doing quests, defeating enemies, and turning in required items. As your reputation grows, you’ll get to unlock new activities and rewards.

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