Dragonflight New Class Abilities Overview

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In the upcoming Dragonflight update, players will find innovations in the structures of the Talent Trees and the abilities for various classes. Some of them will affect the gameplay to some extent, and some will significantly change the meta. For this reason, we decided to make a series of articles where we will look at key class changes in the upcoming expansion, like new Class Abilities. You can read about them below.

New Dragonflight abilities

In the new expansion, the developers have significantly worked on the balance of classes. Some of the new Dragonflight abilities were introduced with a focus on specific class specs. Speaking of which, the Dragonflight Professions System is also now rebalanced and heavily based on character сrafting specialization.

With these innovations, Blizzard is trying to balance the game so that all specs are as equal as possible, without dividing them into more or less useful ones. So, let’s take a closer look at noteworthy additions.


The Warrior now has the passive Adaptive Teachings spell, which increases versatility by 2%. The Annihilator spell has also been added. It is an instant spell that increases physical damage by 10% and generates 2 points of Rage. This ability is available when auto-attacking.

Another of the new Dragonflight talents is the Thunder Clap Prot Hidden. When active, it reduces the rage cost of Thunder Clap by 300, and Thunder Clap generates 50 rage.


Since this is a new class, all the Evoker abilities can be considered new. For example, Fury of the Aspects, which increases haste of all party or raid members by 30% for 40 seconds. Or Hover, which increases move speed by 30% and allows Evoker to fly up.

Undoubtedly this new Dragonflight class and its baseline and spec abilities deserve attention. If you are interested in a more detailed analysis of Evoker, then you can get acquainted with the Dragonflight Evoker New Class Overview.

Death knight

The Death Knight, in the current expansion, received a whole set of new abilities. The developers focused heavily on Frost Death Knight.

Especially for this spec, Blizzard added abilities that increase the damage and strength stat of the character. These include, for example, the Icebreaker.

The other one is the Enduring Strength, which increases the player’s Strength by 5% when the Pillar of Frost expires. This effect lasts 2 sec longer for each Obliterate and Frostscythe critical strike during Pillar of Frost.

Worth mentioning is the Blood Fortification spell added for the Blood spec. When activated, it increases Stamina by 30% and reduces damage taken by 10%.

Speaking of spells unattached to specialization, the insta-casted Empower Rune Weapon spell has appeared. It empowers hero’s weapon by adding 15% speed and generates Runic Power over 20 seconds. It also immediately grants 1 Rune and 5 Runic Power upon cast.


Monk has received a couple of new abilities in Dragonflight. First of all, Vigorous Expulsion. The spell increases the healing done by Expel Harm by 5% and also grants a 15% increased crit chance. The Strength of Spirit is another ability that is also related to Expel Harm. It grants up to 200% increased healing from this skill based on the player’s remaining health at the time of cast.


Rogue got a few chance-based skills — Amplifying Poison, Atrophic Poison, and Audacity. Audacity allows the player to use Ambush without Stealth.

Atrophic Poison, as the name implies, applies venom to the weapon that lasts for an hour and gives a chance of poisoning when attacking an enemy. The applied effect reduces the damage dealt by the enemy by 3% for 10 seconds. Amplifying Poison works in the same way but increases the damage dealt to the victim.


The hunter, or rather its new Lesser Dragonkin family of pets, has the fresh Shimmering Scales ability. When activated, it reduces the magic damage by 70% for 8 seconds.

Hunters themselves received the Fortitude of the Bear as their new ability. Available when accompanied by the Tenacity spec pet, the skill allows the player to increase the maximum health of the Hunter and its pet by 20% for 10 sec.

Demon Hunter

In the initial updates of the new expansion, Demon Hunter was the least worked on, but now the situation has changed significantly. This WoW class itself received two new spells in Dragonflight. The first one is Internal Struggle, which Increases the player’s Mastery by 2%. And the second is Stoke the Flames, which increases the player’s Fel Devastation damage by 40%.

Previously, we have already covered in detail all the changes that affected DH. If you want to learn in detail what this class will be in Dragonflight, then you should check out Demon Hunter Class Changes in Dragonflight — New Talents and Abilities.


Druid got a few new spells in its Dragonflight class tree. One of these is the Sundered Firmament.

The ability grants a buff that generates 40 Astral Power over 8 sec.

The After the Wildfire spell is one of the new skills useful for Support Druids. Every 200 Rage spent will activate this ability. After the Wildfire, in turn, heals nearby allies.

The Apex Predator’s Craving is a combat skill based on Rip damage. It gives Feral Druid a 4% chance to activate Ferocious Bite for free and deals high damage.


The Mages’ talent trees were not deprived of new spells in Dragonflight. In particular, the Arcane specialization received one new Arcane Surge ability.

Devs also did not forget about Frost school. For the mages involved, they added Arctic Piercing to enhance Ice Lance.

They also now have Accumulative Shielding, which reduces the cooldown of the barrier by 20% while the shield persists.

The new Polymorph ability has received a lot of attention from the community. The player can complete the Best Spell Ever quest and receive a Tome of Polymorph: Duck as a reward. After studying it, the player will be able to transform an enemy into a duck, wandering around incapacitated for 1 min.


Thanks to the Dragonflight abilities update, Paladin got some reworked mechanics and several new impressive abilities. One of them is Intercession made for Holy spec. With this ability, the player can revive an ally, allowing them to reenter battle with 60% health and at least 20% mana.

Another new spell is the Sentinel, which perfectly works with the Avenging Wrath.

Avenging Wrath is another spell that increases damage and recovery by 20% for 20 seconds. It also allows the player to cast Hammer of Wrath on any target.


The Shaman is another class that has received a lot of new spells. So, they got the cumulative combat Ashen Catalyst skill. It increases the damage of the next Lava Lash by 12%. This spell also reduces the cooldown of the Lava Lash by 0.5 sec. each time Flame Shock deals periodic damage.

For the role of a support, the regenerating and healing-improving Ancestral Awakening skill has appeared in the game.

This ability previously existed in the game but was removed in Warlords of Draenor. Now, it will again become available to Shaman in the talent tree. Ancestral Defense is another auxiliary skill, but for the Shaman itself. It increases Leech and Avoidance by 2%.


Priests didn’t get many new skills, but some of them are quite effective, like Apotheosis.

The new Answered Prayers spell has appeared, as an addition to this skill. It grants Apotheosis for 8 sec. after the player’s Prayer of Mending heals 50 times.

The two previous new WoW abilities are for the Holy Priest playing as support. But for Shadow Priest, fresh skills also appeared — Apathy and Abyssal Knowledge. The first one slows down enemies by 75% for 4 sec. and the second increases the critical chance of Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch by 5%.


The developers have pleased the players of the Warlock class by adding new spells to it. One of them is Death Dealer, which gives a 5% chance to make the player’s next Deathbolt to have no cost and be instant cast when Spending a Soul Shard. Dark Harvest is a passive spell that increases haste and critical strike chance by 5% for eight seconds for each target affected by Soul Rot. In addition to them, the Agonizing Corruption spell was added.

Some new abilities affect Warlock’s Felguard. Annihilan Training is a skill aimed at the player’s Felguard, increasing damage by 10% and reducing damage taken by the same amount. Another one is the Antoran Armaments spell, which increases Felguard’s damage by 20%. In addition, it also affects Soul Strike, allowing the player to deal 25% of its damage to nearby enemies.

Thus, the developers are working to ensure that the game is more balanced and varied at the same time in terms of playing styles and various strategies. For the same reason, in Dragonflight they have added eight new race and class combos, expanding the options for players. For example, Orc Priest and Tauren Rogue will now be available to players.

Dragonflight abilities update overall review

The new Dragonflight abilities will add more variety and value to all classes and their specializations. Thus, the World of Warcraft community expects significant changes to class mechanics and, accordingly, to the meta of the game. In this regard, you can check out the Dragonflight Class Meta Prediction article. There we compared the current meta with the upcoming one in detail and analyzed different class rankings.

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