Dragonflight 10.2: Get Hunter Beast Pet Fiery Spirit Somnowl

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Dragonflight 10.2: Get Hunter Beast Pet Fiery Spirit Somnowl

Dragonflight Patch 10.2 promises a plethora of thrilling features awaiting exploration. Among these enticing offerings, Petopia has unveiled a captivating addition. It’s another Spirit Beast pet, and its name is the Fiery Spirit Somnowl

Its appearance is a striking resemblance to the first non-dragon-related mount that operates with the dragonriding system. Some players also think it resembles the new appearances of the Druids. Albeit more glowy and more fiery. 

How to Tame the Hunter Spirit Beast Pet Fiery Spirit Somnowl 

Information about the exact method of taming the Fiery Spirit Somnowl is scarce. But here are two key requirements to consider:

Regrettably, as of now, the precise details of this elusive pet’s location and taming method remain shrouded in mystery. 

You may want to bookmark this page. The article is constantly updated with the latest Fiery Spirit Somnowl pet information. So, as soon as more details emerge, we will promptly update you on the art of taming this extraordinary companion.

Interested in knowing more about what awaits in this major content drop? Check out our comprehensive article below.

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Click-Bait as fuck. Atleast change it to “soon” or something like that….


Hi, Tom. Thank you for your opinion. Regarding the article, it was mentioned that updates would be provided promptly as new information becomes available. Unfortunately, at the moment, there has yet to be any method to acquire the the Fiery Spirit Somnowl. But on a brighter note, we are delighted to share that the method for acquiring another spirit beast pet, Sul’raka, has been successfully uncovered. You can find detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to tame Sul’raka by visiting the following link:

We hope that this information will add to your enjoyment of collecting pets and continue to rock the World of Warcraft with your awesomeness! 😊