Double Plunderstorm Reputation: Event Ends Soon

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Blizzard has revealed a lucrative opportunity for all pirates across Arathi Highlands: double Plunderstorm reputation until the event ends.

Double Plunderstorm Reputation: Event Ends Soon

The x2 rep Plundersurge will take effect with this weekly reset. Effective immediately, participants in Plunderstorm will be rewarded twofold for their daring exploits. This boost will continue until the week of April 30, when WoW’s 60-player battle royale draws to an end. Plundersurge will supercharge the acquisition of reputation points from all sources, including the winner’s bonus. So, there’s no better time than now to strengthen your standing with the Keg Leg’s Crew!

Earning reputation points with the Keg Leg’s Crew opens the door to a plethora of rewards. With offerings ranging from mounts and pets to transmog sets, tabards, and weapons, there are a total of 40 Renown levels waiting to be achieved. For a detailed list of all rewards for each Renown level, be sure to check out our overview here:

Aiming for the Plunderkind achievement? You may want to seize the opportunity now before the event concludes.

So, what are you waiting for? Strap in, and let’s sail!

Keg Leg’s Crew Renown

1, 5, 10, 20, 40, any number you name, you’ve got it. Even Plunderkind! Unlock Keg Leg’s Crew renown and its rewards instantly. No bots, no hacks, no exploits. Money-back guarantee!

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