Didn’t Farm Frogs, Innocent Players’ Cloaks Still Got Nerfed

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Even though they didn’t participate in frog farming activities, MoP Remix innocent players’ cloaks still got nerfed.

MoP Remix Regular Players' Cloaks Are Nerfed

Key Takeaways:

  • Blizzard’s recent hotfixes not only reduced stats for frog farmers’ cloaks, but also affected normal players in MoP Remix.
  • Blizzard’s flagging system failed to discern between frog farmers and innocent players, causing unfair nerfs for those who never engaged in frog farming activities.
  • Players have taken to social platforms to express frustration over the situation. While some players found resolution through Blizzard’s customer service, others criticized the inconsistency and reliance on automated responses.

Despite lingering disappointment in the WoW community, the controversy over Blizzard’s decision to nerf frog farmers’ cloaks seemed to have settled. Yet, recently, players’ frustration has once again reignited due to Blizzard’s handling of the situation. The nerf, aimed at extreme frog farmers, has accidentally affected normal players who never engaged in frog farming. These players now face unjustified stat reductions just like those who took part in akin to those grinding the Gulp Frogs.

In case you missed it, a few days ago, Blizzard flagged all players who took part in frog farming. Shortly after, they announced that frog farmers’ cloaks would be nerfed. As compensation, players who didn’t hyper farm would receive three extra quests to earn up to 40,000 Bronze. For more details, check out this article:

However, the flagging system didn’t work as intended and affected players who have never touched a frog in MoP Remix.

Caught in Crossfire: Innocent Players’ Cloaks Are Nerfed in MoP Remix

Didn't Farm Frogs, Innocent Players' Cloaks Still Got Nerfed
(Source: Wowhead)

Players have taken to social platforms to voice their frustration about the situation. According to CovertMustache, their friends obtained their capes through legitimate means such as raid daily quests, all quests, and dungeons, yet their capes were still nerfed. And they were locked out of the new quests as well. Meanwhile, CovertMustache, who did farm the frog, didn’t receive a flag since their stats were below 2,500.

Khallthas, another Redditor, shared that both he and his wife had their cloaks nerfed, despite only engaging in quests and LFR activities. They did not partake in killing the frogs, goats, or any other hyper-farming methods. Yet they weren’t spared from the fate of having their stats reduced.

There’s a possibility that Blizzard’s flagging system identifies players with any stat exceeding 2,500 and labels them as “frog farmers,” regardless of their actual farming activity. Or, they might target users based on the number of Threads they have accumulated and apply nerfs once the number of Threads passes a certain threshold. Whatever the logic behind their system might be, this situation is disheartening. After all, Blizzard did state that they only targeted those with “an unreasonably large number of Gulp Frog kills.” That said, their data on frog kills should prevent their nerfing system from affecting players with zero participation in hyper-farming.

In the comment section, some players advise those affected by the nerf to submit a ticket to Blizzard to address their situation. Redditor Adorable_Persimmon_1 mentioned that Blizzard resolved their quest issues within 30 minutes. However, others quickly pointed out that not everyone is as fortunate as Adorable_Persimmon_1 to have their problems resolved so swiftly. After all, Blizzard’s Customer Support has long faced criticism for its automated responses.

What’s your take on this? Have you felt the impact of the recent nerf wave? Or do you see it as an inevitable misstep from Blizzard, given that WoW is a gigantic game with hundreds of thousands of active players? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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