Blizzard increases Delve death limit from 5 to 10

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In the latest The War Within Beta build, Blizzard increased the Delve death limit from 5 to 10, meaning you now have twice the chance to advance before starting over!

Delve death limit

Delves in The War Within Patch 11.0 are quick 10-15 minute endgame adventures in Khaz Algar that can be completed alone or with friends. There are no class or role restrictions, and completing Delves rewards both cosmetic and progression items. Inspired by Scenarios, Torghast, and Islands, Delves provide more variety and freedom than traditional PvE activities. 

Along with combat, Delves also features puzzles, magical mushroom platforming, and other activities. Blizzard aims to bring more creativity to Delve gameplay by avoiding the standard restrictions of dungeons or raids in The War Within, which sounds refreshing and unique.

Blizzard updates Delve: New death count feature added

The most recent update to Delves introduces a new death count feature reminiscent of M+ dungeons. Upon entering a Delve, you now have a limit of ten lives

Delve death limit

Each time you die and your spirit is released, it will be subtracted from the available revives. Once these revives are all exhausted, you must leave the Delve and start anew. This week, Blizzard has increased the revive count from five to ten.

Community opinion

The concept of Delves is intriguing as it is something we have not seen before. However, any feature even remotely similar to M+ dungeon timers is viewed negatively by the majority of the WoW community. Even though it’s just a game, people don’t like feeling rushed, especially when dealing with random players.

Plus, one must get on the right side of them to work well together and finish group tasks successfully. It does make things exciting, but having a time limit can lead to conflicts among players. Despite that, some players who like a challenge are okay with this feature. However, not everyone is a fan of this format, so it would be nice if Blizzard could consider both the positive and negative views.

What are your thoughts on Blizzard’s decision to introduce a revive count feature into the Delves? Do you think it’s a good idea to add it on release? We would love to hear your opinion in the comments section below!

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