Deleted WoW characters randomly pop up in players’ accounts

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Deleted WoW characters randomly pop up across various realms. This could be related to the upcoming lock of the WoW character restoration feature.

Deleted WoW characters randomly pop up in players' account

Key Takeaways

  • Deleted WoW characters are reappearing across various realms, sparking confusion among players.
  • This may be related to Blizzard’s temporarily disabling the character restoration feature.
  • Players are advised to check for potential account compromises and take security measures, including changing passwords and logging out of all active sessions.

As previously reported, Blizzard will temporarily disable the WoW character restoration feature during the Radiant Echoes pre-patch event. The aim is to ensure a smooth transition to The War Within’s Warbands system. Following this announcement, things have taken an interesting turn. Across social platforms, players are reporting that numerous deleted characters have unexpectedly reappeared in their character lists.

Despite bearing the same names as those deleted long ago, these characters don’t appear in the realms players usually spend their time in. Instead, they show up randomly across different realms. Some reappearing characters don’t even retain their original player-given names. The only way to identify them is by the gear they equip. And to make the situation even more confusing, players have also reported that characters they never created have popped up in their accounts.

Deleted WoW characters randomly pop up in players' account
(Source: Redditor ArthurB26)

There are theories that these characters were once created and then deleted by players who later forgot about them. The names of these deleted characters were then freed up and claimed by others. When Blizzard automatically restored the deleted characters, they were assigned new placeholder names. And because of this, players can’t recognize their discarded toons anymore, hence their confusion.

Deleted WoW characters randomly pop up: Compromised account?

Some players caution that these randomly appearing characters could indicate a more serious issue. In the worst-case scenario, this may suggest that your account has been compromised. It’s advisable to follow these steps for added security as a precautionary measure:

Have you experienced deleted WoW characters randomly reappearing in your account? Share your experience and thoughts on the situation in the comments below!

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