Blizzard will temporarily disable WoW character restoration

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Blizzard Entertainment has announced that they will temporarily disable WoW character restoration service.

Blizzard will temporarily disable WoW character restoration

You may wonder why Blizzard suddenly decided to disable WoW character restoration temporarily. And the answer is they are preparing the characters for a smooth transition to The War Within’s Warbands system. This temporary inconvenience will begin after the pre-patch update, Radiant Echoes, goes live. Character restoration will be unavailable for a few weeks. Also, it’s important to note that during this period, any newly deleted characters cannot be restored until the transition phase is finished.

Blizzard encourages players to restore any previously deleted characters before the launch of Radiant Echoes. Although the exact date has yet to be announced, it’s anticipated to arrive in July, likely before July 30.

To restore a deleted character, log into World of Warcraft and click the “Restore Character” button on your character selection screen. For more detailed information, check out Blizzard’s official guide here:

So, if you have any characters you want to restore, be sure to do it now!

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