Blizzard Explained Why Taivan Mount’s Size Was Reduced

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Once a towering and mighty beast, yet now a tiny pup. Finally, Blizzard explained why the Taivan mount’s size was reduced.

Blizzard Explained Why Taivan Mount's Size Was Reduced

Key Takeaways

  • Blizzard shrunk the Taivan mount’s size due to animation bugs.
  • They are working on fixes that will take effect in Patch 10.2.7.
  • To get Taivan as a mount, you need to complete the new meta achievement: A World Awoken.

Blizzard has revealed that the Taivan mount’s size was reduced due to animation bugs discovered within the game. As a temporary solution, the developers decided to decrease the mount’s default size. They are working on fixes and expect to restore Taivan to its original size in Patch 10.2.7.

How to Get Taivan Mount in Dragonflight

Taivan is a colossal Bakar mount that surpasses his kin in stature. Ever since this best boy first appeared in Dragonflight, the WoW community has been fawning over it. Originally introduced as an NPC in the Taivan’s Purpose side quest, countless players have since fallen for the gentle heart of the giant beast. However, it wasn’t until Patch 10.2.6 that Taivan officially became a collectible mount. By completing the new meta achievement called A World Awoken, players can finally add Taivan to their collection.

Taivan Mount’s Size Was Reduced: Why Are Players Upset?

Blizzard Explained Why Taivan Mount's Size Was Reduced
(Taivan’s size before and after. Source: Wowhead)

Players’ dissatisfaction with Taivan’s size nerf is not merely because of the loss of his imposing presence, but also because it undermines the essence of his story. Taivan is portrayed as a massive Bakar ill-suited for traditional tasks such as hunting or shepherding. Instead, his gentle nature and formidable strength position him as an ideal rescue hound and therapy companion. However, with his diminished size, that story now makes no sense.

Let’s hope the forthcoming fixes will soon restore Taivan to his full glory in Patch 10.2.7! Speaking of Patch 10.2.7, don’t forget to take a look at WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria, along with the Draenei and Troll heritage armor!

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