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PvP is a major part of World of Warcraft. Success in this area mostly depends on one’s own skills, in-game knowledge, and experience. However, to take your gameplay to another level, certain websites may offer valuable assistance in conquering Arenas and Battlegrounds. Today we will overview top resources containing WoW Dragonflight PvP guides and discuss how they can be helpful to you.


Many players engage in PvP for different reasons. Some want to test their abilities against other people, some do it for achievements and unique equipment, and so on. One way or another, it’s normal for PvP lovers to seek opportunities to improve in this area. Why not use everything you can then? We’ll be overviewing tools that we find helpful one by one.


Arenamate is a website helping you analyze the current meta. Despite its name, it takes place in the general WoW list of PvP resources as it provides info on RBG as well. Arenamate displays high-ranked players, their classes and specializations, the percentage of wins and losses, and much more. You even see the Arena compilations people have recently played. That way, you can easily identify which specs and comps are more effective at the time being.

In addition, the resource has a live-tracking function that collects information on players’ latest battles. This includes their results and the time they were played. It means that if the meta is altered anyhow, you will be able to track the changes.


Named after well-known fascinating creatures in WoW, is a website with WoW Dragonflight PvP class guides. While there isn’t an abundance of theory, the site offers crucial information on constructing your character for PvP use. The data is based on the highest-rated players for every spec. shows you the most common talent builds, stats priority, appropriate equipment, and so on. The resource’s creators do not tell you what your build is supposed to look like. They just show you the builds of the top-rated players with short commentaries.

The data covers Solo Shuffle, 2v2 and 3v3 Arenas, RBG, and even Mythic+. The website is updated daily, allowing you to keep track of any recent changes. That allows to take its rightful place among the most useful WoW Dragonflight PvP resources. By the way, all the alterations of version 10.0.7 have already been uploaded. You won’t have to deal with any outdated info and adjust it to the current state of the game.


Another web resource we want to familiarize you with is Check-PvP. As its name suggests, it focuses purely on PvP and allows you to look up certain info on the players you are interested in. You can search for specific people using their in-game nicknames to get details on their characters. Though the tool shows you things like players’ talent builds and stats, it is not exactly a Dragonflight PvP talent build site.

The creator of Check-PvP claims that its primary purpose is to help people find the right teammates for ranked matches. You may look anyone up and check their Arena and RBG ratings and PvP-related achievements. Even information on players’ alts is present on the website. One of the resource’s features is displaying both current and highest ratings, which allows you to understand how experienced a person is.


If you need any information on World of Warcraft, Wowhead is your best friend. Suppose you have used the mentioned websites to identify WoW Dragonflight PvP gear suitable for your goals. But where would you look for all the required pieces of equipment? No worries, Wowhead will show you the way.

In addition to various general PvP and class/specialization guides, you can find a lot of valuable info here. This includes details on where the right gear can be acquired, the item level of pieces, how much Honor it would cost to purchase and upgrade them, and so on. Wowhead is also a website with helpful Dragonflight PvP calculators. For example, the talent calculator assists you in allocating your talent points properly.


Though the official site of the game does not cover everything, you may still get a lot out of it. You may search high-rated players here, checking their builds, stats, and gear. This makes the official site a decent resource for WoW Dragonflight PvP builds. Compare yourself to the strongest players, determine your characters’ differences, adjust accordingly, and see if that works!
A unique thing you can find here is the information on official competitive events in WoW. Here you may see the details on the Arena World Championship and featured tournaments. We’re not pushing you to participate, of course, but watching professional players “at work” can be extremely helpful if you want to improve in PvP.

Finally, you can make use of the official forum. Though it cannot be considered a Dragonflight PvP strategies site, people there basically discuss everything. Seek PvP-related topics that attract you and see what other players say. There is a high chance you might learn something new, and this knowledge may even change your vision of the game or your gameplay entirely.

That’s pretty much everything we wanted to share with you today. We hope these resources will help you become proficient in the PvP environment. Still, remember that pure theory may not work without proper practice. The more Arenas, RBG, and Solo Shuffle you play, the more experienced you become, and the higher your win rate will be.

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