Dragonflight: 5 Best Rotation Addons 2024

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If you’re wondering what the best rotation addons in WoW are, this guide is for you.

Dragonflight: 5 Best Rotation Addons 2024

Too many buttons. Too many abilities. And yet, you are still lagging behind in damage output. Which abilities should you prioritize? When should you activate them? How can you make the best of your cooldowns to swiftly dispatch foes and maximize damage dealt? Rather than settling for a simple “get good” mantra, consider using these best rotation addons to better your combat proficiency!

Hekili Priority Helper

Dragonflight: 5 Best Rotation Addons 2024

Hekili is one of the best rotation addons in WoW that suggests which spells to use depending on your spec and combat type. By default, it shows three icons and automatically detects whether you should use single-target or AoE skills.

The first spell on the bar is what Hekili recommends that you use next. You can customize Hekili’s settings to include other skills, such as defensive ones, cooldowns, or interrupts. If you need to move the addon’s bars, right-click on its minimap icon or write “/hekili” in the chat. Please note that Hekili currently supports tanking and DPS specs but not healing ones. Its primary focus is offensive abilities.


Dragonflight: 5 Best Rotation Addons 2024

Another great rotation addon to consider in 2024 is HeroRotation. It offers helpful spell hints by showing a skill icon beside your character and updating its suggestions after you attack an enemy.

Smaller icons near suggested abilities are big damage cooldowns that you need to cast, which appear when the cooldown is over, and other requirements are satisfied.

To avoid any errors, get two other addons: HeroDBC and HeroLib. Once installed, log in and attack an enemy to use them. You can customize HeroRotation and access multiple options by typing “/hr help” into the chat or by opening the menu with ESC, selecting ‘Interface,’ and then going to the ‘AddOns’ tab.


Dragonflight: 5 Best Rotation Addons 2024

MaxDps is one of the best addons that helps you with rotation in Dragonflight by displaying visual cues on your action bars. The white circle indicates the recommended spell, while the green markings represent the cooldowns.

To use MaxDps, install an addon specific to your character’s class, like MaxDps Druid if you’re a Druid player. Once installed, log in to WoW and enter combat, and the suggested spells will appear.

You can personalize how MaxDps looks and works, including the speed of appearing hints, overlay appearance, and custom glow options.

Additionally, you can alter the shape of the overlay to a star or aura around abilities.

Conflict Rotation Optimizer

Dragonflight: 5 Best Rotation Addons 2024

ConRO is another addon for WoW that tells you what to cast next. It displays skill hints on your action bar and as icons close to your character.

To use ConRO, you must install an addon specific to your class, like ConRO Druid for Druid players. The addon has two modes: Burst and Full. Burst lets you use your cooldowns at the best time, while Full enables you to use all your abilities. You can also switch between Single and AoE modes to target one enemy or multiple ones.

If you want to customize the toggles, you can make a macro or access them through the Interface button or by using the “/conro slash” command.

WeakAuras Rotation Profiles

Dragonflight: 5 Best Rotation Addons 2024

With WeakAuras, you can customize game features to fit your preferences. If you’re new to creating auras, you can still benefit from the various tools available on Wago.io.

Wago.io is a well-known website offering many different auras to improve your gameplay. For example, NGAndersson has created a customized profile for Fire Mage players to help you follow your class rotation by providing multiple options for improving your gameplay. Once you install WeakAuras, open its settings by typing “/wa” or clicking its icon on the minimap. Then, select ‘Import’ and enter the code for your desired WA profile. That’s it!


Check out these addons if you’re looking for a better Dragonflight experience. They all have unique features, so try to see which works best for you!

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