Best looking plate armor sets for transmogrification

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World of Warcraft is a home to thousands upon thousands of armor models for four main armor types. Thankfully, with the addition of the transmogrification feature all those models don’t have to go to waste, when the armor with aforementioned models becomes irrelevant stats-wise.

Transmogrification allows you to change the appearance of your strong, but more often than not unmatching armor into something different. Perhaps you really enjoyed raiding The Black Temple, back in the TBC era – with transmogrification you can change your current armor to look like a full set of Tier 6 equipment. You can go as far as “cosplaying” a character from another video game, just like in our “Big Daddy from Bioshock” transmog guide, or dress yourself as a noble Stormwind Knight, or a Vagabond Hunter and so much more. With transmogrification you only have two limiting factors – your imagination and WoW’s model collection.

Today we’ll take a look at 10 best looking complete sets of plate armor available in WoW Dragonflight. We’ll divide them into two top-fives separated by categories. You’ll see how it is going to work as soon as we get to the sets.

Without any further ado, let’s see what beautiful armor you can encase your warrior, death knight, and paladin.

The Troopers

This category will show you 5 hand-picked sets that are befitting of wandering knights, troopers of a massive army and foot soldiers in general.

5. The Dark Vessel Mail

Originally, true to its name, this was a mail armor, but its type was changed to plate a few addons back. Despite being available to Horde, this armor strikes as something made within the walls of Stormwind. It is available from the quests in the Hinterlands location of Eastern Kingdoms.

It also looks glorious with Alliance tabard from Warlord of Draenor.

4. The Blackrock Plate

Speaking of WoD, it also had some of the best looking plate sets to ever appear in WoW. One of such is the Blackrock Plate. Worn by the elite warriors of the Iron Horde and Blackrock Clan specifically. This armor encases its wielder in a suit made of black metals with heat spewing out of its cavities, making you look like a raging fire elemental stuffed into a dreadful shell. This transmogrification set is available from the Armory in your Garrison.

3. Renowned Expeditioner’s Armor

This is just an incredibly “classic knight” looking set. Very stylish and adventurous. Available as renown rewards on the Dragon Isles.

2. Xorothian Battleplate (Broken Shore armor)

This transmogrification set boasts a very pleasant color scheme and nice chunky shapes, despite this literally being a demon battlegear. What’s more – there’s Kil’Jaedan and Sargeras’ faces sculpted into belt buckle and shoulderpads. Truly, a worthy gear for a soldier of the Legion. Available as a reward from Broken Isles invasions.

1. Necrolord Covenant Campaign Set

All 4 Covenant Campaign Sets are incredible in their own right, but I just have to give the ultimate award to the Necrolords set. This is without a doubt, one of the most technically advanced (in terms of 3D meshes being applied to your character), visually stunning and overall badass looking sets in the game. This set makes you look and feel like an unstoppable undead killing machine, no matter what plate class you are playing as. If anything, it makes it even more interesting playing as paladin while donning this garb. The boots get an extra point for actually fully covering Troll feet – truly a rare sight to behold. As the name suggests, this armor is received via completing the Necrolord Covenant campaign.

The Heroes

Now that we’ve talked about “subtle” armors, we can point our sights to the truly epic looking armor sets, befitting of champions. In other words, we are going to have a look at the raid sets, and we are going to get the definition of plate sets – giant shoulder pads included. Keep in mind that only the sets that are available for all three plate classes are included.

5. The purple Judgement Armor

Straight away we’re going to break the rules, due to this set dropping from TBC dungeons, however it is a known fact that this regalia is a recolor of paladin’s Tier 2 set, which is iconic in its own way. Putting this set this low in the list simply because it is very flat by today’s standards. But as matter of fact it still looks amazing on any Death Knight or Paladin donning it.

4. Dreadwyrm Battleplate (Mythic Version)

Originally this is a Death Knight Tier 19 armor, however it is fully farmable by warriors and paladins. Not much can be said about this look, except for the fact that this is some Lich King levels of battle gear. Mythic version specifically was chosen due to it having the most pleasant colors and unique models for some pieces. You can get this awesome gear in both Emerald Nightmare and Night Hold.

3. Sinful Gladiator’s Battleplate

Yet again, I opt for a recolor instead of the original. This is because I find colors present on the PvP version of Castle Nathria armor that much more appealing. Grays of this metallic recolor really sell me on the Gothic Knight straight from Dracula’s Castle look, and ofcourse the other key factor is that this armor is much easier to get in Dragonflight, than its PvE counterpart of any difficulty.

2. Dazar’alor Mythic Raid Plate

Also known as the Gravelord Battlegear. This armor truly manages to capture the essence of all three plate classes and look amazing on each one. A mythical armor made out of ebony bones of dinosaurs of Zandalar. This set practically screams that whoever puts it on shall bestow primal fear upon their enemies. This is simply a work of art of a set. Can be acquired in Battle for Dazar’alor raid on mythic difficulty.

1. Blackhand’s Battlegear

I’ll be honest: giving this set the top spot wasn’t easy. Yes, it is not as technologically advanced as some of the sets we’ve already seen. Yes, the aforementioned Blackrock Armor is very similar to this. But I simply cannot deny the pure badassity of this armor set. The dreadful helmet with those curved and jagged horns, the belt buckle in shape of Iron Horde crest, and the shoulderpads that come to life every now and then spinning spiky infernal machines within them. There’s no better word to describe this set, other than brutal. So, just for the pure unregulated awesomeness of this set I’m going to declare it as my favorite. To get it yourself, you’ll have to clear the Blackrock Foundry raid on mythic difficulty. It might take you longer to get on Death Knight or Paladin, due to look-alike items having fairly low drop chances.

And with that our list of plate transmogs comes to an end. Keep in mind, that there is no objectivity in this list in the slightest. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences. If you didn’t find anything to your liking here, but always wanted to get yourself, say an Eternal Palace armor set — you can find such a service at WowVendor, where we offer transmog set farming boosts.

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