WoW Dragonflight Season 3: Atal’Dazar Mythic Plus Guide

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Welcome, brave adventurers, to your ultimate WoW Atal’Dazar Mythic Plus Guide for Dragonflight Season 3!

WoW Atal'Dazar Mythic Plus Guide

Key Takeaways

  • Atal’Dazar entrance is in the western part of the Zuldazar mountains. Use the Timeways portal in Valdrakken to reach Millennia’s Threshold and quickly jump to Zuldazar’s Golden Road. From there, it’s a short and straightforward journey to the dungeon.
  • Detailed strategies for Rezan, Vol’kaal, Priestess Alun’za, and Yazma are provided, including trash management tips, key abilities, and optimal approaches for Mythic Plus runs.
  • Specific tips for handling trash mobs.
  • Atal’dazar loot table, achievements, and rewards.

Last time, we walked you through the perils of the Abyssal Depths in our WoW Throne of the Tides Mythic+ guide, and now let’s take a trip to the ancient pyramids of Atal’Dazar! The BfA dungeon has been added to the M+ rotation in Dragonflight Season 3, standing as a max-level, four-boss instance with all difficulty tiers, including Mythic and Mythic+.

In this guide, you will find a comprehensive overview of the dungeon, encounters with all the key boss abilities and mechanics, and tips and strategies for your group to have a smooth run through Atal’Dazar. 

Where Is Atal’Dazar Entrance

Atal’Dazar entrance is in the western part of the Zuldazar mountains. Unlike in BfA, you don’t need to search for a faction-specific Atal’dazar flight path or trek long distances to reach your destination. In Dragonflight, you can use the Timeways portal in Valdrakken to reach Millennia’s Threshold and quickly jump to Zuldazar’s Golden Road. From there, it’s a short and straightforward journey to the instance.

Full Atal’Dazar Walkthrough

Below, you will find a full Atal’dazar Mythic plus walkthrough with not only detailed tactics for boss encounters and a guide to navigate through the trash along the way.

Atal’Dazar Layout

Atal’Dazar features an open-floor-plan design, allowing flexibility in boss order based on group composition and chosen routes. Some paths let you avoid specific trash groups, with certain routes being more optimal for higher keystone levels. Regardless of the chosen route, the final boss, Yazma, will only become available if you have conquered all three previous encounters. This Atal’dazar guide won’t recommend a specific boss sequence but rather provides insights into each encounter to help you organize groups more effectively.


WoW Atal'Dazar Mythic Plus Rezan Guide

Rezan Trash Guide

Rezan Boss Guide

Rezan is the easiest fight in the instance. However, you will still want to look out for the piles of bones scattered around the arena. Any misstep by your group or the boss triggers the Ancient Dry Bones cast, causing adds to spawn. Here are other key abilities and mechanics that you may want to pay attention to:

Serrated Teeth

Tanks should be extra cautious of Serrated Teeth. It applies a brutal bleed, particularly on higher keys. Use your defensives wisely and consider rotating them with each cast for maximum effectiveness.

Terrifying Visage

Terrifying Visage fears any player in the line of sight. Avoid it by positioning the boss near pillars or stairs. Immunity abilities or swift dispels can also help in nullifying the effect. Shamans equipped with Tremor Totem can help the group to remain in place once every two casts.


Pursuit randomly fixates on a DPS, having Rezan relentlessly chase them down. In such a case, run along the edge of the encounter space, staying as far from the boss as possible. Beware of the Devour ability: if you get hit by it, it will most likely result in certain death.

Counter Pursuit by using spells that turn you invisible or make the enemy lose their target. It’s crucial to apply the spells only after Pursuit is in full swing and the boss has already started to move.

Optimal Strategy: Pillar Tactics

Tanks should lure Rezan to one of the pillars along the arena’s edge to block Terrifying Visage. Healers dispel Fear and support Tanks during Serrated Teeth. DPS should stay alert and be mindful of the Pursuit mechanic to keep Rezan at bay.


WoW Atal'Dazar Mythic Plus Vol'kaal Guide

Vol’kaal Trash Guide

Vol’kaal Boss Guide

Vol’kaal presents a dynamic two-phase encounter that demands precision and coordination from your group.

Phase 1: Reanimation Totems

The main focus is the Reanimation Totems. With the Totems active, Vol’kaal is immune to damage. You must destroy all of them almost simultaneously to initiate the next phase. Assign your DPS to all three Totems and ensure everyone knows their part. After one Totem is down, you’ll have only 7 seconds before the remaining ones fully regenerate. Keep a close watch on the Totems’ health and damage them evenly to get them all down within the time limit.

As for other mechanics, the boss’s Toxic Leap randomly targets players within an 8-yard radius. He will also cast Noxious Stench, dealing moderate damage and applying a stacking Disease effect. Interrupt the cast as soon as you can to avoid taking serious damage from high stacks.

Phase 2: Boss Damage

In the second phase, the boss becomes vulnerable. Deal as much damage as you can fast. Other than the Toxic Leap and Noxious Stench, beware of the Toxic Pools. The pools inflict significant damage every 2 seconds you stay within, so avoid them or rush out immediately.

Have your tank kite the boss along the arena’s edge at a speed that allows melee and DPS enough room to deal damage without suffering the floor effects. It’s vital to take the boss down quickly, as this phase poses a significant challenge for your healers. The group must control Noxious Stench to avoid stacking and deploy their healing cooldowns wisely.

Priestess Alun’za

WoW Atal'Dazar Mythic Plus Priestess Alun'za Guide

Priestess Alun’za Trash Guide

Priestess Alun’za Boss Guide

During the fight with Priestess Alun’za, addressing the Spirit of Gold adds is crucial. They must be either crowd-controlled or eliminated to prevent boss healing. It’s recommended to get rid of the initial spawns. However, well-coordinated groups can master CC for all adds with no problems at all. The approach here is entirely up to you.

Tainted Blood

The central mechanic revolves around Tainted Blood pools spawning around the arena. Avoid these pools until the Priestess casts Transfusion. During Transfusion, she will channel life from all party members to regenerate health. Step into a Tainted Blood pool on the ground to counter this. Managing the Spirit of Gold here is extremely important as they can steal the blood pools, enabling the boss to heal.

Gilded Claws

Tanks should be vigilant for the Gilded Claws buff. With it, the boss deals high magic damage with each melee attack. DPS should prioritize purging this buff whenever possible.

Molten Gold

Dodge the Molten Gold orbs. In case any party member does get hit, Healers must be prepared to dispel the debuff. Make sure to have your cooldowns ready during the Transfusion channel to keep the group’s health under control.

Final Boss: Yazma

WoW Atal'Dazar Mythic Plus Yazma Guide

Yazma Boss Guide

As the final boss, Yazma awaits at the journey’s end. You must defeat all three previous bosses to engage in the Yazma encounter. There are no unique adds waiting for you before this fight. You may encounter some of the enemies we’ve discussed in the Rezan Trash section. Additionally, your group will have to navigate through spiders, so be cautious and try to avoid contact with them, especially on higher keys.

Soulrend Cast

Once full, Yazma’s energy bar triggers Soulrend, ripping a soul fragment from each player and dealing damage to the entire group. The Soulspawns born from this ability will attempt to reach the boss. If they manage to do so, the group will suffer massive stacking DoT damage. The main strategy here is to keep the adds away from the boss and prevent their connection with CCs and slows.

Skewer and Wracking Pain

Tanks should beware of Skewer as it inflicts heavy physical damage. Keep an eye on Wracking Pain as it applies a nasty DoT effect. Interrupt it whenever possible.

Echoes of Shadra

To survive Yazma, it’s critical to evade Echoes of Shadra. Any contact with them, especially on high keys, is lethal, so stay away from the nasty spiders at all costs, even if it means interrupting your attacks on the boss or Soulspawns.

Atal’Dazar Loot Table

Atal’Dazar offers you the chance to unlock a treasure trove of loot, reaching an impressive 470 ilvl at the end of the dungeon and 483 in the Great Vault. Here’s a glimpse of the Atal’dazar loot table:

Belt of Gleaming DeterminationLeather WaistPriestess Alun’za
Coif of the Court Spider Mail HeadYazma
Disc of Indomitable Will ShieldRezan
Drape of the Loyal Vassal BackVol’kaal
Embellished Ritual Sabatons Plate BootsPriestess Alun’za
Hallowed Ossein Longbow BowRezan
Loa Betrayer’s Vestments Cloth ChestYazma
Seal of the Regal Loa RingRezan
Shambling Berserker’s Leggings Leather LegsVol’kaal
Soulrender’s FangDaggerYazma

Atal’Dazar Achievements

Atal’Dazar offers these achievements for players to earn.


We hope our Atal’Dazar M+ guide was helpful and informative, providing you with valuable insights to excel in this dungeon. We will see you again in Galakrond’s Fall M+ guide! For more guides on the exciting dungeon from Dragonflight Season 3 rotation, make sure to check out this article:

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