After Frogs, MoP Remix Goat Farm Was Nerfed. Monkeys Are Next

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MoP Remix goat farm was nerfed. So, players are now looking for monkeys to hunt. At this rate, Blizzard might need to give PETA a call.

After Frogs, MoP Remix Goat Farm Was Nerfed. Monkeys Are Next

Key Takeaways

  • Blizzard’s nerfs to farming methods like MoP Remix goat and frog farming prompt players to seek alternatives, with the Hozen monkeys becoming the latest target.
  • Players discover a new solo-friendly farming spot in Unga Ingu, where they can wipe out Hozen for various important MoP Remix resources like Bronze, Threads of Time, gems, and other items.
  • The Hozen farming method is more suitable for mobile classes and melee fighters.

The nerfing of the frog farm in WoW has left the community divided and largely unhappy with Blizzard’s handling of the situation. Supporters of looting Lesser Charms from the frogs are calling for the return of their valuable loot. Meanwhile, those against frog farming are furious with the power gap created by Blizzard’s decision. After all, until now, there has yet to be any solution to close this rift.

MoP Remix Goat Farm Was Nerfed

Recently, players were able to find another way to hyper-farm by hunting the Stout Shaghorn of the Valley of the Four Winds. Farming the goats was not as effective as killing the frogs. And yet, Blizzard still decided it was too risky to keep this method alive:

So, they intervened by removing the Threads, gems, and gear dropped by the Shaghorns. Now, MoP Remix goat farm was nerfed, too, and there was nothing players could do about it other than look for yet another alternative.

And impressive enough, they have found one.

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Hozen Farming: Monkey Genocide Alert

With two quick farming methods gone, the MoP Remix players remain undeterred. They have recently discovered another lucrative farming spot in Unga Ingu. This temporary hotspot is located in the southern Krasarang Wilds, on the southernmost island of Nayeli Lagoon at the coordinates [23.8, 90.8]. Here, you’ll find Hozen from the shore, around, and even inside the huts.

After Frogs, MoP Remix Goat Farm Was Nerfed. Monkeys Are Next
(Source: Kozko)

You’ll want to focus on the Unga villagers rather than the fishermen or treasure hoarders. Although their respawn time is standard, around 30-40 seconds after the entire group is killed, they usually reappear as a whole group of 10 to 15+ Hozen at once, depending on the location. Unlike previous bronze farming methods in the open world, this one requires you to run from one part of the island to the other, killing all the Hozen along the way. By the time you reach one end, the large group of Hozen at the other end will have respawned and be ready for you.

This farming method is solo-friendly and doesn’t require the usual two standard 4×4 groups. However, it may not be suitable for all classes, particularly those lacking mobility, as Hozen’s “Ooked in the Dook!!” effect reduces movement speed by 50% with each hit. That said, Druids, Hunters, and mobile melee fighters stand to gain the most from this method.

Thanks to recent changes, all regular creatures, including the Hozen, have an increased chance of dropping Threads of Time, as well as rare (blue) quality items, which will help you better prepare your character for normal raids. According to WoW player Kozko’s calculations, players can kill around 2,000 Hozen per hour, which should yield approximately 15,000 bronze per hour, plus Threads of Time, gems, and uncommon and rare quality items.

The Hozen farming method may not be as profitable as goat or frog farming. But it remains a viable option for players who wish to avoid raid content while still gaining the resources they need. So, you may want to make use of this method before Blizzard inevitably nerfs it as well.

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