A Support Life: Augmentation Evoker Kicked for Low DPS

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A Support Life: Augmentation Evoker Kicked for Low DPS

Augmentation Evoker is experiencing the life of every Support in every game that has ever existed. Despite excelling in dealing damage isn’t what they are created to do, their teammates are still furious with their low DPS. Thus, said spec is constantly kicked from groups because of this very reason.

WoW players are still in the process of getting acquainted with Evoker’s third spec: Augmentation. Debuted in Patch 10.1.5, this unique specialization introduces a fresh approach to playing the game. Instead of directly attacking enemies, Augmentation Evokers prioritize supporting their teammates. By boosting their allies’ abilities, these Supports can maximize the damage output of the entire party. Many members of the WoW community have praised this supportive playstyle. They recognize its potential for improving group dynamics and spicing up the whole meta. However, as for the rest, especially those who don’t closely follow Blizzard’s updates, the unique playstyle has led to numerous misunderstandings


It’s clear that numbers displayed on DPS meters carry significant weight for many players. Blizzard’s choice of categorizing Augmentation as a DPS spec doesn’t help the situation one bit. And adding fuel to the fire, the damage tracking addons have yet to be fully optimized for Augmentation Evokers. With all of them combined, the first-ever support class in WoW is no doubt in for a rough patch. Thus, leading to misunderstandings about their capabilities. More often than not, Augmentation Evokers are labeled as having no value in the team and wrongly kicked from groups.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel for Augmentation Evoker, however. While some players may disregard them, others acknowledge their worth and save a spot for them in their parties. Especially when it comes to raiding context. 


The feedback from WoW players regarding this new specialization has been overwhelmingly positive. So, with time and patience, the wider community will eventually come to their senses. Thus, understand and appreciate the true worth of a Support class like the Augmentation Evoker.

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