Blizzard announces new SoD Phase 4 endgame relics

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Among other thrilling changes on the way, Blizzard announced that new SoD Phase 4 endgame relics will be available as loot drops.

SoD Phase 4 endgame relics

In a recent SoD Phase 4 preview total, there are 12 new relics, including Druid idols, Shaman totems, and Paladin librams, that you can obtain in the upcoming SoD Phase 4. In Blizzard’s preview video, the company only introduced three relics you can get through dungeons. 

The ways to get the rest of the relics remain a mystery at the time of writing, but according to available information, you will have to participate in SoD Phase 4 endgame content to get them as loot drops. Thanks to Wowhead’s dataminers, we currently know about 9 additional relics designed for Druids, Paladins, and Shamans. That being said, let’s take a closer look!

Druid idols

As for Druid relics, these Nature guardians will be able to receive four 60-item level ones, giving you a unique effect. Two of them are for Feral specs, like Tank and DPS, one is for Restoration, and the last one is probably for Balance Druid, although still unknown. All these idols require level 60 to use:

Paladin librams

For all guardians of Light, the following Paladin 65 and 57-item level librams become available to you in SoD Phase 4. Unfortunately, Blizzard presented relics only for Holy and Protection Paladins, and like with Balance Druid; it is unknown if this spec will receive its unique relic soon. The first three librams require level 60 to use, while the last one is dedicated to 52-level Paladins:

Shaman totems

Finally, meet the other four 65-item level totem relics created for Restoration, Enhancement, and Elemental Shamans. You must be at level 60 to use them:

As you can see, some specs, like Balance Druid and Retribution Paladin, lack their unique idols and librams, which disappointed the community in a way. However, we hope that Blizzard adds them shortly so that all specs do not feel neglected. What are your thoughts on the relics we mentioned above? Do you think they are beneficial? Share your opinion in the comments!

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