SoD: Ashenvale Weekly Quests Are Now Daily

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Both Repelling Invaders and Clear the Forest! Ashenvale weekly quests are now daily, as announced by Blizzard.

SoD: Ashenvale Weekly Quests Are Now Daily

Blizzard has decided to turn the once-weekly quests Repelling Invaders and Clear the Forest! into daily missions. You can now farm for reputation with the Silverwing Sentinels and Warsong Outriders much faster than before. Strengthening ties with these factions unlocks access to various items available for purchase from their respective vendors, among which are the sought-after class runes.

To kick off either Repelling Invaders or Clear the Forest, you first need to loot Warsong Outrider Mark or Silverwing Sentinel Charm from opposing faction NPCs during a Battle for Ashenvale. Give them to your faction leaders to earn a substantial 1000 rep points.

Wondering when the next Ashenvale battle will take place? Check out Ashenvale PvP event’s schedule here:

With Season of Discovery Phase 3 launching on April 4, you are in for a wave of exciting changes. Among these updates is the introduction of the 20-player raid, The Temple of Atal’Hakkar. Of course, each class will receive new Runes, along with 10 additional talent points. For PvE enthusiasts, brace yourself for the new Nightmare Incursions event. And for PvP lovers, there will be a plethora of new rewards. For more information about SoD Phase 3, be sure to check out our comprehensive overview here:

Season of Discovery: Ashenvale PvP Event Completion

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People getting 100s of gold in an hour and 8k per repeatable shareable quest doing Ashenvale missions, they are now level 50 in a few hours. LOL Was this on purpose or an exploit?