Nightmare Incursions: Gain up to Hundreds of Gold per Hour

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The Nightmare Incursions event had turned into a gold fest, as players could gain up to hundreds of gold per hour.

Nightmare Incursions: Gain up to Hundreds of Gold per Hour

Key Takeaways

  • SoD Nightmare Incursions offered players the chance to earn significant gold, with reports of hundreds per hour.
  • Players attained gold legitimately without cheats or exploits, using the Discoverer’s Delight buff.
  • Playing in groups maximized gold earnings.
  • Concerns about potential inflation led Blizzard to swiftly reduce gold earnings from Nightmare Incursions.
  • Despite the changes, Nightmare Incursions remained valuable for experience points, particularly in group play, making them an optimal method for leveling up characters.

Getting rich in World of Warcraft has never been easier with the arrival of SoD Phase 3. Many Azeroth adventurers shared their experiences of accumulating hundreds of gold per hour solely by participating in Nightmare Incursions.

These players didn’t resort to cheats, exploits, or specialized tactics. All they did was play the game with the Discoverer’s Delight buff active. According to reports, gamers could immediately pocket five gold upon turning in the Nightmare Incursions quests.

Redditor Calvaaa recounted their experience. Alongside two other players, they quickly completed all tasks, resulting in a reward of 15 gold. Meanwhile, Redditor real_klinkz noted that a group of five players could expect to accumulate 40 to 60 gold within 20 minutes upon turning in 10 quests.

Nightmare Incursions offer the opportunity for repetitive completion. So, if players dedicate a full hour to diligent participation, they can earn up to hundreds of gold within that timeframe. Thus, raising concerns about potential inflation within the in-game economy.

Some believed this gold rain couldn’t have harmed the game’s economy. However, Blizzard promptly took action to address the situation. They initially reduced the gold earnings to 2.76 gold. Shortly after that, they halved it once more to 1.32 gold. So, apart from those who played SoD Phase 3 during its early hours, other players have unfortunately missed out on the opportunity to benefit from this gold surge.

Nevertheless, the Nightmare Incursion quests continue to offer lots of XP, particularly when completed in a group effort. So, if you want to advance your character levels, now must be the best time to do so!

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