Discoverer’s Delight: SoD 100% Exp Buff Coming on March 5

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SoD 100% Exp buff will fly you to level 40 in no time!

Discoverer's Delight: SoD 100% Exp Buff Coming on March 5

Key Takeaways

  • Blizzard introduces a 100% Exp buff to help players level up faster.
  • Blizzard moves the buff’s introduction from Phase 3 to mid-Phase 2 so that more gamers can experience the second Phase of Season of Discovery.
  • Increased gold rewards for quests if players are from level 1 to 39. However, this bonus gold effect ends at level 40.
  • Reduced costs for racial mounts and mount training.

50% Exp buff? That’s so SoD Phase 1 already! To help players level up faster from level 1 to 40, Discoverer’s Delight now offers a 100% Exp buff for all players from level 1 to 39. And so, even if you are new to Season of Discovery, you will be able to join the fray in the Gnomeregan raid and other level 40 content in no time.

Discoverer’s Delight will arrive in Season of Discovery on March 5, much earlier than initially planned. Originally, Blizzard planned to introduce the SoD 100% Exp buff during Phase 3. However, they have decided to shift it from the beginning of the next phase to the middle of the current one. This way, more players will be able to experience SoD Phase 2.

Discoverer's Delight: SoD 100% Exp Buff Coming on March 5

SoD players can rest assured that they don’t miss out on gold or desired items. Blizzard understands that players may lose out on gold rewards from quests with less time needed to level up. And so, they have boosted the base gold reward from all quests, applicable for levels 1 to 39. The developers also halved the cost of normal racial mounts and mount training to make them more accessible. As for epic mounts, there is no change planned at the moment.

It’s important to note that the bonus gold will lose its effect once players reach level 40. So, if you’re in need of gold and seeking the most effective gold farming methods in SoD, make sure to explore our comprehensive guide available here:

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