Josh Greenfield Talked about Paladin Changes in SoD

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This week, Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield visited the Paladin Discord server and talked about Paladin changes in SoD.

Paladin changes in SoD

On the Discord server, Josh Greenfield discussed various aspects of the Paladin gameplay and thoughts on overall balance. He noted that Blizzard is working on some problems to make the in-game experience engaging and enjoyable for everyone. Apparently, the Development Team is working on some big changes for Phase 3 and Retribution Paladins. Even though they may not meet some players’ expectations regarding the gameplay, the team is eager to receive community feedback.

It is worth remembering that development takes much effort and time, which happens due to the frequency of content release. As a result, Greenfield says they often have to resort to delegation. Regarding the priorities, Blizzard is currently focused on two main objectives. The first is reaching level 60. The second is making all Runes accessible for all players.

Although Josh Greenfield does not have much time to interact with other players, he mentioned something important. He said that communication between the Development Team and the community is crucial. He believes it leads to progress.

We must admit that the Senior Game Producer‘s openness is impressive, and most players sincerely hope Blizzard will communicate the same way on the WoW Retail forums. On top of that, some people asked for the return of the Seal Twisting mechanic as it will inject much more fun into the gameplay. Even though it may wreak havoc and cause other problems with the design, Greenfield fully understands those who want this feature back. He underlines that SoD is all about crazy things and experiments.

What is Seal Twisting?

Seal Twisting is a mechanic that gives Paladin a great burst potential by using two Seals at the same time per swing. For instance, you can use Seal of Command during your attack and switch to Seal of Righteousness during the swing animation. If you do this correctly, you will simultaneously get the effect of two seals in your next auto-attack.

That said, there is much more adventure ahead of us than we know, which is fantastic. What do you think of this news? Let us know your opinion in the comments section!

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