How to Get a New Explorer Imp Pet in SoD Phase 3

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Welcome to our ultimate guide, heroes of Azeroth! We have gathered the comprehensive data that will help you get a new Explorer Imp pet in SoD Phase 3. Stay tuned, and let’s get started!

As we said, the new Explorer Imp pet in SoD Phase 3 is a newly introduced pet for Warlocks. This little companion can explore places like Fel Portals and shower you with different treasures, including gold.

How to Get the New Explorer Imp Pet in SoD Phase 3

Getting the Explorer Imp in SoD Phase 3 is not a puzzle. To begin with, you must find an enemy monster and use your Drain Soul spell on it. Then, this foe can drop the  Explorer’s Soul. Once obtained, you can learn an Explorer Imp spell, which enables you to summon the pet in the future. 

It is worth noting that your new evil friend cannot fight. Yes, you can summon it with your other demons nearby, but that’s it. The Explorer Imp can only hop into Fel Portals to fetch interesting rewards and grace you with his presence. Congratulations on becoming a lucky imp owner!

Where to Find a Fel Portal

After all the actions, you must find a Fel Portal so your new friend can retrieve some presents for you. The portals are scattered throughout Azeroth, but we have collected some data being actual by the moment of writing the article.

To inform you, there are 5 types of Fel Portals, each with its own name. Once popped up, it will respawn in 8 minutes anywhere in its hardwired location. Since it truly sounds tricky to tell them apart, beneath are the macros and hints that can help you along the way.

Fel Sliver

Zone level: 10-20

You may find the Fel Sliver portal in Westfall, the Barrens, the Silverpine Forest, and the Darkshore. Use this macro to locate it: /Target Fel Sliver.

Fel Crack

Zone level: 15-25

Meet Fel Crack, a second well-known portal. It usually spawns in Ashenvale, the Barrens, and the Redridge Mountains. You are welcome to employ the following macro: /Target Fel Crack.

Fel Tear

Zone level: 30-40

The third one is the Fel Tear portal. Players can encounter it in the Swamp of Sorrows and the Desolace. We recommend that you use the next macro: /Target Tear Crack.

Fel Scar

Zone level: 40-50

The next one is the Fel Scar portal. You indeed can find it in the Blasted Lands, Feralas, and Azshara. The next macro to assist you in locating it: /Target Fel Scar.

Fel Rift

Zone level: No data

Unfortunately, no one has found the Fel Rift portal yet. But do not despair! We will update this article once the coordinates are available. Anyway, here is the last macro you can use in a pinch: /Target Fel Rift.

How to Receive Fel Portal Rewards

Let’s imagine you have found a Fel Portal. Stand near it and speak to the Explorer Imp, so he will surge into the portal.

This action will impose an Imp on a Mission buff on you, which lasts, give or take, 20 minutes. While having it, you are not able to summon the imp again.

How to Get a New Explorer Imp Pet in SoD Phase 3

To save your time, you do not have to stay in the same spot while the imp is away. Once your demonic friend has finished his journey, you can summon it again and receive an Otherworldly Treasure item.

Otherworldly Treasure Rewards

Regarding the Otherworldly Treasure rewards, you might be wondering what kind of valuable items is available. Well, it is a good question! Since every Fel Portal’s level depends on the location the portals appear in, all the Otherworldly Treasures you obtain are divided into levels as well. Let’s take a look:

Runes Rewards

Another interesting aspect to mention is runes. There is a Rune of the Felguard, which you can obtain at any Fel Portal level. Plus, it usually drops from the Otherworldly Treasure of item level 45. Additionally, you can find a Backdraft rune, which you can craft with the help of 4 Ley Crystals.


To sum up, this journey not only awards you with Otherworldly Treasures and valuable runes but also enriches your experience within WoW. We hope you enjoyed reading our article and that it helped you in your journey. Tell us your opinion in the comments section, and see you soon in the next SoD Phase 3 guide!

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