Josh Greenfield: Handling Group Rejection in WoW Classic

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What to do if you’re not accepted into a group or raid? Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield has some advice for handling group rejection in WoW Classic.

Josh Greenfield: Handling Group Rejection in WoW Classic

In WoW Classic, as in its retail counterpart, some elitist players only accept “meta” classes or specs into their groups, dungeons, and raids. They completely exclude gamers who play the less popular or unconventional classes. This occurs regardless of their skill or dedication within the game. And so, it’s become almost impossible for players who don’t align with the current meta or lack top-tier progression to secure a team for group content.

Recently, a SoD player complained about this issue to Josh Greenfield. And the Senior Game Producer provided them with a detailed response about handling group rejection in WoW Classic:

If you want a TL;DR version, then here are all the highlights:

What do you think? Are you suffering from the same problems? Do you find Josh Greenfield’s guidance and personal experiences helpful? Let us know your opinions in the comments!

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