Cataclysm Classic Leatherworking guide 1–525: Fast and effortless leveling

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Welcome, heroes of Azeroth, to your most efficient Cataclysm Classic Leatherworking guide from level 1 to 525.

Cataclysm Classic Leatherworking guide

If you want to find a list of in-depth guides for each primary profession in Cataclysm Classic, be sure to check out this article here:

Why should you choose Leatherworking as your profession?

Leatherworking is a crafting profession that enables you to craft gear and bags using leather, furs, and other materials primarily obtained from beasts, making it a popular choice to pair with Skinning. Additionally, Leatherworking lets you craft various Armor Kits that improve the stats of head, chest, shoulders, legs, hands, or feet gear, such as Stamina, Dodge Rating, Spirit, and more, enhancing your character. By choosing Leatherworking, you gain access to valuable gear for personal use or for selling at the Auction House for an extra income, making it an excellent profession choice.

In Cataclysm Classic, each profession offers its owner unique perks. As for Leatherworking, this profession allows players to craft high-quality endgame gear and powerful bracer enchants, which increase some of your stats:

In addition, you can also craft the following leg enchants, which require only 2x Blackened Dragonscale and Leatherworking at level 465:

What is the best combo with Leatherworking in WoW?

Leatherworking is most effective when combined with Skinning, as it allows you to gather many necessary materials yourself without relying on the Auction House, which is especially helpful when leveling up your Leatherworking skill, even if it is on an alt. Crafting requires a substantial amount of Leather, so farming your materials can significantly help you save gold and make even more by crafting endgame gear and selling it to other players.

Approximate materials required

Below, you will find an estimate of the materials required to level up your Leatherworking profession from level 1 to 525.

Classic and The Burning Crusade (1-350)

WotLK (350-425)

Cataclysm (425-525)

Leatherworking trainers

So, now that we’ve got all the materials covered, it’s time to start looking for good trainers who can teach you some excellent new Leatherworking recipes. In Cataclysm, you don’t have to run around to different trainers to learn different Leatherworking ranks. All the trainers in the major cities can teach you everything you need to know. Remember that Horde and Alliance trainers are different, so we’ve separated them to make things easier for you.

Cataclysm Classic Leatherworking trainers: Major cities

Horde trainers

Alliance trainers

Cataclysm Classic Leatherworking trainers: Starting zones

Horde trainers

Alliance trainers

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Cataclysm Classic Leatherworking guide: Leveling

And now, it’s time for the main dish. Below, you will discover a comprehensive Cataclysm Classic Leatherworking guide that will let you advance through as many levels with the least materials needed as possible.

Apprentice Leatherworking

Journeyman Leatherworking

Once you have reached level 10, visit your Leatherworking trainer and learn Journeyman Leatherworking.

Expert Leatherworking

Once you have reached level 20, visit your Leatherworking trainer and learn Expert Leatherworking.

Artisan Leatherworking

Once you have reached level 35, visit your Leatherworking trainer and learn Artisan Leatherworking.

The Burning Crusade Leatherworking

Master Leatherworking

Once you have reached level 50, visit your Leatherworking trainers and learn Master Leatherworking.

WotLK Leatherworking

Grand Master Leatherworking

Once you have reached level 65, visit your Leatherworking trainers to continue your Grand Master journey. If you’re a Skinner, convert all your Borean Leather Scraps into Borean Leather using a recipe from your trainer. Avoid right-clicking the Leather Scraps; instead, learn the recipe that provides skill-ups for easy skill points.:

Cataclysm Classic Jewelcrafting

Reaching level 75, seek out your trainers and follow this guide to reach the maximum Cataclysm Classic Leatherworking level:

Darkmoon Faire Free +5 Profession Skill

Check your Calendar in-game to see if the Darkmoon Faire is open. The event is available every two weeks. It starts on Sunday and lasts for a week. During the event, you can complete quests for each profession and gain +5 skill points for each.

You can purchase the following recipes in all major cities near your Leatherworking Trainer. Just look for the NPC labeled as Leatherworking Supplies, but remember, this doesn’t include Dalaran and Shattrath. Each vendor recipe turns yellow after 5 skill points, so you’ll have to get a new recipe every 5 points. Each of these recipes grants you 2 skill points. You can use different recipes since most of them need the same materials. You will need 30x more Heavy Savage Leather to purchase the three recipes mentioned below:

Conclusion for Cataclysm Classic Leatherworking guide

And so, congratulations on successfully reaching the pinnacle of Cataclysm Leatherworking! We hope that this guide has been able to aid you. Special thanks to WoW-professions for providing such a valuable resource. May your Leatherworking adventures continue to bring you great joy in your WoW journey!

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