Path of Exile Sentinel League Overview

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Three months have passed since the release of Siege of the Atlas – and now it’s time for new adventures. The promised Path of Exile update comes out on May 13 for PС and May 18 for consoles and it’s called the Sentinel League. Path of Exile 3.18 expansion brings us a new Path of Exile season full of truly extreme events. Once again PoE content gets update, which will allow you to enjoy the endgame again.

Well, let’s see what the New Zealand studio Grinding Gear Games has prepared for us this time – all news & Sentinel league in detail in our review.

Sentinels – your guardians in reverse

So, in this PoE Sentinel update, we are waiting for new units that will accompany your character and give certain bonuses during their activation. According to the lore, they tell us that these are, they say, unique unearthed creatures that have awakened, feeling the strength of your character. Sentinels are new companions that look like metal constructs and should make life difficult for you for the sake of a plentiful and pleasant drop. In fact, all of their features and upgrades are aimed at getting you better loot in more quantities.

In total, the update promises us three types of these artificial satellites:

1. Stalker Sentinels act for a certain time, strengthening a different number of opponents. They can accompany your hero for a long time, allowing you to empower many different enemies along the way. Stalkers make a single shot at each unit until they exhaust the limit on the number of attacked enemies.

2. Pandemonium Sentinels, unlike Stalkers, strengthen a huge mass of enemies in one shot. This shot jumps from one enemy to another almost instantly, which can be very dangerous for an unprepared traveler.

3. Apex Sentinels only hit rare and unique units, turning them into formidable opponents and increasing the chance of getting tasty drops.

Naturally, there will be many powerful types of Sentinels along the way – some you will find in the game, others you can create yourself, using a Power Core to combine two depleted Sentinels into one fully charged. It will receive mods from both predecessors, and there is also a chance of getting an exclusive mod that can only be obtained by merging through the Power Core.

It will be possible to manage various Sentinel modifiers using a special runic panel. Runes of empowerment can be connected in chains with filaments. Initially, support for only one guardian per area is available, however, as you progress through the game by killing the empowered enemies, you can unlock the entire controller panel and the ability to connect with the runes all three satellites at the same time.

You can customize the panel at any time by creating a specific build of runes – depending on your needs on maps.

Recombine and get items of your dreams

We are sure that many have dreamed about it – and now it has become possible. It’s about Recombinators, new items introduced by PoE 3.18.

Here you have two items. And both of them are amazing – they have incredibly useful modifiers. Oh, if only it were possible to combine these modifiers into one item!

Stop dreaming – it’s time to try! Now, using the Recombinator, you can try to merge your items and get a new item with the combined modifiers of both past ones. Recombination takes place in the same window in which the player combines Sentinels with the Power Core.

Of course, the process is unpredictable. Not always the first time you get the item or modifiers you need. But if everything was so simple – is it interesting?

These new items seem to be in perfect harmony with the abilities of the Sentinels – now it has become easier to knock out the necessary items from enemies thanks to them. We think, development of a great system to get players interested in farming for hours again was successful. In PoE Sentinel new drop means something different than before.

But if suddenly you feel like getting tired of farming – remember, that our PoE Boost section is ready to help with any problem!

Customize PoE to enjoy the content you want

In the last update, the developers decided to increase your influence on the game by adding the giant passive skill tree. With a positive response, Grinding Gear decided that the more you can influence the content, the (logically) more interesting the game itself will be for you.

This decision resulted in the addition of as many as 20 new PoE passive skills to the already existing Atlas system. This is a pretty sensible and wise idea, since PoE is about endgame in which players do not want to waste time on an incomprehensible and tiring random, but want to do really important and necessary things.

6 of these new passives add the ability to take on powerful versions of the bosses: The Uber Elder, Sirus, The Eater of Worlds, The Searing Exarch, The Maven, The Shaper and Venarius. Battles with them will be the real meat hardcore, but the reward for defeating them will be beyond all expectations. According to the promises of the developers, this will be the most difficult content that PoE has to offer at the moment.

What else awaits us in the update?

Write your name in PoE history

The developers do not change themselves – in this update, players will once again be able to compete for the opportunity to create their own items for the game. This opportunity will be given to those who are the first to be able to defeat the new Uber versions of the bosses. And by the way, items created by the most experienced and active PoE players who completed the previous challenge will be added to the game as PoE new uniques with this update!

Power balance stays the same

Balance changes will not affect your builds and characters – as the guys from Grinding Gear Games decided to simply not change anything in the already existing power balance system. So you can safely prepare your builds for the new PoE league – nothing will spoil your plans!

Archnemesis modifiers for all the monsters

However, the changes will affect the monsters of the Wraeclast world – the developers decided to change all existing modifiers to those that were presented in Archnemesis. Fighting packs of such monsters will become much more dangerous.

Harder challenges – earlier reward

There is some pretty good news about the challenges of the new league – now the challenges will be much more difficult than all the previous ones to make them more interesting. Of course, this is followed by a reward, which now you can get already for 6, and not 12 as before, completed tasks. In total, 10 awards are promised, including two full-fledged armor sets with wings. Everything as we love!

Kirac’s Vault is back

It is also worth noting that Kirac’s Vault has returned to the game with new skins, so if you are breathing unevenly for in-game cosmetics, we advise you to buy a pass.

Gamepad support finally arrives

Well, another important event for many players – support for gamepads is now fully integrated into the game. Console lovers, rejoice – now you can boldly break into the PC version of the game!

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