PoE Siege of Atlas: Important news of the new update

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Siege of Atlas Expansion Release Date & News

As you might know, on January 27, there was a developer stream where Grinding Gear Games revealed a new Expansion and League to players. Siege of Atlas Expansion Release on 4th February. In this article, I will summarize all upcoming changes and features in Path of Exile.

New Bosses

In Siege of Atlas expansion, there are two new pinnacle bosses:

These bosses drop new powerful uniques and jewels. If you collect and combine two jewels with the same attribute, you will receive a talent from another Ascendancy. These bosses also have their own guards, each with only one guard. In my opinion, it’s a significant improvement over the Sirus system. You had to defeat four guards before getting to Sirus himself.

To summon a certain boss, you will need to complete maps under his influence. You can select an influence before starting the map: new options have been added to the map device.

Atlas Rework

The old system with regions and Watchstones has been removed. There are only 4 Voidstones instead of 16 Watchstones. They affect all Atlas maps. After the death of Sirus, Zana disappeared. Now Kirak manages the Atlas and will give us various quests. The Influence of the Conquerors is no longer on the Atlas: they will now randomly appear on the maps. Conquerors can drop a fragment for the Sirus fight.

Atlas Skill Tree

In this expansion, we got a brand-new Atlas Passive Skill Tree. With the removal of the old region talent system, the developers came up with a completely new passive tree for the Atlas. It contains around 600 passive skills.

Talent Points for leveling this tree can be obtained by completing additional objectives on the maps. At the moment, the exact number of points that can be obtained is unknown. According to the community predictions, players will have about 120-150 points for leveling.

New Eldritch Implicit Modifier System

The new bosses not only brought us new uniques, but also added extra ways to craft powerful items. The new system allows you to change or add implicit modifiers to an item. You can get Eldritch Embers or Eldritch Ichor by completing the map. Using them on an item will add an influence and an implicit modifier. This effect replaces base implicit, so be careful on bases with important implicits like Exquisite Blade. There can be two influences on one item at the same time. In my opinion, this is the best early crafting system. It is pretty simple but increases the efficiency of your character quite a lot.

Awakened Gems Drop Location

These Powerful Gems no longer drop from Conquerors and Sirus. They can now be obtained from defeating Maven or completing her invitations.

New Archnemesis League Release Date

Archnemesis League Release on 4th February. In this league, we will be fighting petrified monsters that can be found in every zone. The uniqueness of this league is that we will choose the modifiers for these monsters ourselves. It is important to note that each subsequent monster retains the modifiers of the previous one. According to the developers, we will be able to create difficult and rewarding fights.

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