Path of Exile 2: 20 Minutes of Gameplay

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Path of Exile 2: 20 Minutes of Gameplay

Grinding Gear Games has treated eager fans to an enticing glimpse of the forthcoming Path of Exile 2. The two videos lasted only 20 minutes. However, that’s more than enough for viewers to see the dynamic abilities of different classes like Druid, Warrior, and Hunter

The videos showcasing PoE 2 gameplay were recently released on the IGN channel. As the footage rolls, Game Director Jonathan Rogers adds insightful commentary about each class. He also provides valuable explanations about their mechanics. You can check both of them out below.

Let’s first start with the Druid.

And now, the Warrior and Hunter.

The closed beta testing for Path of Exile 2 is set to commence on June 7, 2024. And here’s the twist: This sequel isn’t an expansion of the original game. Rather, it’s a full-fledged experience waiting for you to explore. 

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